Current Activities

Workshop and translation group meetings are held in Classics 21, 4:30-6:00 pm every Wednesday while classes are in session. The Classics building is located at 1010 E 59th St. The translation group will meet every week of the quarter in which a paper is not to be presented. Papers, which are provided below as soon as they are available, are to be read by participants beforehand. The papers are password protected. Please email the graduate student coordinator for the password.

Spring 2017 Events

March 29: Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Indiana University Bloomington)
Aristotle’s Argument from Universal Mathematics against the Existence of Platonic Forms

April 5: Emily Katz (Michigan State University)
Geometrical Objects as Properties of Sensibles

April 7–8: Second Annual Graduate Student Conference in Ancient Philosophy: Argument in Ancient Thought

April 19: Arnold Brooks (University of Chicago)
The Partwise Argument

April 26: Aparna Ravilochan (University of Chicago)
From One Generation to the Next: Consistency and Explanatory Power in Aristotle’s Theory of Heredity

May 17: Rory Hanlon (University of Chicago)
Aristotle on Perceptual Judgment and the Unity of the Perceptual Soul

May 24: Oliver Primavesi (Munich)
Textual criticism seminar on De Motu Animalium


Translation Group

This year we are reading Aristotle’s Metaphysics Lambda. Please email Serena Lai if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.

OCT of Metaphysics Lambda – here

Aquinas’ commentary – here