Spring 2017

Workshops are held on Mondays at 12:00-1:20pm in the Pick 1st Floor Lounge (5828 South University) unless otherwise noted*

April 3*:       Professor Eric Schickler, University of                                   California, Berkeley

(Pick 222)      Racial Realignment: Transformation of American                                Liberalism, 1932-1965


April 24:     Professors Maggie Penn and John Patty,                                University of Chicago

                        “How the Congressional Agenda Polarizes                             America”


May 1:          Professor Daniel Schlozman,                                                        Johns Hopkins University

                         “The Hollow Parties”


May 15:          Jordie Davies, Jenn Jackson and David                                    Knight, University of Chicago

                          “Young Adults’ Perceptions of the American                                    Racial Order and the Politics of Racial Redress”


May 22:        Meg Savel, University of Chicago

                          “Gender Stereotypes and the Family in 2016                                 Senate Races”


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