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Summer Practices
Summer practice schedule is out! We have the pool on Thursdays 7:15 - 8:45 PM at Ratner, June 21 to September 20. (More)
Northwestern Winter Classic 2017
UChicago finished at 2nd place in Northwestern's Winter Classic! Thanks to Northwestern for hosting, and our opponents for giving us great games and a great weekend. Come out to practices, and be on the lookout for scrimmages! [gallery columns="1" (More)
December 7: José Estrada
Dear All, Please join us this Wednesday, December 7th, for our last meeting of the quarter. José Estrada, a PhD candidate in the RLL Department will be presenting his dissertation chapter titled "...hasta que con la distancia las especies se co (More)
Tournament Season Over
With two final tournaments - the guys at the Great Lakes Championship at Notre Dame and the girls at their first-ever all-girl tournament at UW Madison - our 2016 official tournament season is over. Both teams fought hard! Keep an eye out for othe (More)
Liability Waiver
For current team members, please fill out the liability waiver ASAP by the end of the quarter! Anyone who practices with us should fill it out - print it, sign it, and then bring it to practice. Thanks!   waiver: More)
First Tournament Results
The team just finished off their first tournament of the year at Notre Dame for the Great Lakes Division! Despite only having two practices before the tournament, we went 1-3 (including a 12-10 win over Loyola University). Coming up soon is the next (More)
First Practice
The first practice of the 2016-17 school year will be tomorrow night, September 27th at 7:00 PM! Practices are held in the diving pool at Ratner Athletic Center. (More)
CFP & Upcoming Events
​ Dear all, On behalf of the Western Mediterranean Cultures workshop, we would like to welcome our returning students and new arrivals to campus. For those unfamiliar, this workshop aims to bring together faculty and graduate students in the Hu (More)
Schedule Updates - Great Lakes Division 2016
The game schedule has been updated to include the tournaments (round robin and championships) that will be played in the Great Lakes Division of the CWPA's men's club water polo! (More)
New Website Update
The main website for UChicago Water Polo has gotten a makeover! The new design for is now live, in time for the start of a new season of water polo. The old website can be f (More)
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