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Fall 2016 Schedule
All meetings will be held in Room 319 in the Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS 319). CEAS is located in the Harris School of Public Policy, 1155 E. 60th St. 9/30 Orientation and Planning Meeting 3:00 - 4:00 PM 10/7 A Conversation with Ryo Kagaw (More)
April 22, Xu Jin
Xu Jin Ph.D. student, Art History Department University of Chicago Friday, April 22, 4- 6 pm CWAC 156 Displaying Filial Piety: Spatial Design of a Sodgian Immigrant Tomb in Sixth-century China Abstract: With a unique bilingual in (More)
May 5, Shih-Shan Susan Huang
Shih-Shan Susan Huang Assistant Professor, Art History Department Rice University Thursday, May 5, 4:30- 6:30 pm Location: CWAC 152 True Form Charts and the Daoist Visuality Abstract: Daoist visuality is unique in its notion of zhenx (More)
May 27, Irene Backus
Irene Backus Ph.D. Candidate, Art History Department University of Chicago Friday, May 27, 4- 6 pm CWAC 156 Asia Materialized: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence Abstract: Asia Materialized:  Perceptions of China in Ren (More)
September 30, Quincy Ngan
Quincy Ngan Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago Friday, September 30, 4-6 pm CWAC 156 Painting the Land in Azurite Blue and Malachite Green: From Mind’s Craft to Vulgarity Abstract: In this presentation, I will argue that the (More)
VMPEA: April 20, Dai Xiaoyun
Dai Xiaoyun Associate Research Fellow, Beijing Luxun Museum Visiting Scholar of Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University Shuilu Paintings (水陆画) and the Ritual Text  of “Tiandi mingyang shuilu yiwen (天地冥阳水陆仪文)” The talk will b (More)
VMPEA: May 25, Lillian Tseng
Lillian Tseng Associate Professor of East Asian Art & Archaeology Institute for the Study of the Ancient World New York University Absence and Presence: The Great Wall in Chinese Art Built and rebuilt many times since the third (More)
THURSDAY Oct 30th Tingting Xu
Tingting Xu Ph.D. Student, University of Chicago, Department of Art History  Landscape in Pocket: Gong Xian’s Cloudy Peaks (1674) A section from Gong Xian (1619-1689), Cloudy Peaks, 1674. Handscroll, ink on paper. Photograph Courtesy The (More)
Tuesday Dec 9th Tang Keyang
Tang Keyang Associate Professor, School of Arts, Renmin University of China Curator and Architectural Designer, Tang Keyang Studio Ten Exhibitions: Types and Methodologies of Chinese Art Spaces Fan Mu Art Museum, Chengdu, China. An in (More)
Dinner Dec 9th VMPEA with Tang Keyang
VMPEA workshop members had a delightful dinner with Tang Keyang after his talk to celebrate the end of the Fall Quarter. (More)
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