Oct 5: Welcome Party

Please join us at the Linguistic Anthropology Lab next week on Thursday (10/5/2017)  to celebrate the new academic year and to welcome a new cohort of linguistic anthropologists:
Linguistic Anthropology Lab Welcome Party
Thursday (10/5), 6 PM
Haskell 301 & 302
Pizza and refreshments will be served
*If you have extra books or journals that you would like to add to our 302 library, feel free to bring them in.
**If you have old event/conference posters of relevance (past Michicagoans, for example), bring them too! We’re trying to add a little more life to the place.
*** Don’t forget to attend the first Semiotics workshop of the year as well – 4:30 PM in Haskell 101 on the same day (10/5). Erik Levin will be presenting

Jun 2, How To: Scrivener + Party

Anna Weichselbraun (Anthro PhD ’16) will be returning to do a Scrivener skill share with the lab, 1:30pm (note time!) this Friday. Sure to be helpful for anyone who wants to improve their write-up workflow.

And afterwards, we’ll have our end-of-the-year party! Snacks and after-work refreshments will be served. Be there or be not there.

May 12 Data Session

Join us at 12:30pm on Friday, for a data session with Yukun Zeng (Anthropology).  Note the later than usual time!

He will be talking about

1) The variety of ways to transcribe Mandarin
2) The scale of Chinese languages and the scaling of transcription
3) A bit of his own project
Britta Ingebretson will be facilitating. Snacks and drinks will be provided. See you there!

Terra Edwards visit

Hello all,

As you have likely already heard, Professor Terra Edwards will be visiting this Friday from Gallaudet to present her work on the divergence between visual American Sign Language (ASL) and protactile American Sign Language (PTASL). The talk will take place in Haskell 315 on Friday April 21, 3-4:30pm.

Hope to see you there!


Feb 3 Data Session

Join us Friday at 12:30 (note time!) for a data session with Bill Feeney (Anthropology). He writes:

“This will be a screening and discussion of a wildly popular 2015 comedic routine by the Japanese duo Bambino. Composed mostly of gibberish, I would like to collectively explore potential for the routine to serve as a object for thinking through the (ritual) poetics of gags in contemporary Japanese comedy.”

Location will be the lab seminar room, as usual, Haskell 302.

Jan 27 ELAN How-To

CHD graduate students Amanda Brown and Laura Horton will be presenting on how to use ELAN. They are well-versed in using ELAN for synchronizing motion capture data and annotating sign language in video data, respectively. This how-to session should prove instructive for anyone hoping to take advantage of the complex annotation capabilities of ELAN for multimodal analyses of communicative events (including practicum students working on analyses for class…)

Location: LingAnth Lab Seminar Room, Haskell 302
Time: Friday, January 27, 12pm

Welcome (back)!

The lab has now completed its move, and all our previous equipment has been moved to Haskell 301 + 302. To celebrate our move, and to kick off the new quarter and new year, we will be having a lab warming party Friday, January 6 at 3:30pm. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

In the meantime, please feel free to start using the lab space. Email me if you have any issues accessing it.

Looking ahead, the first data session of the quarter will feature Bill Feeney, presenting on Japanese comedy stylings.