Research Grants

Integrative Modeling of the Interactions, Connectivity and Interdependence of Water Systems and Ecosystem Services in the Lower Mekong Basin (National Science Foundation (NSF) Water Sustainability and Climate (WSC) Category 1 Award) – Florida State University, University of Chicago, University of Florida, Aalto University. Visit our Mekong project page

Human Response to Environmental Change in the Lower Mekong River Basin (CISSR Research Faculty Fellowship Program Award), Alan Kolata and Sabina Shaikh, University of Chicago. 

Selected Publications

Sanderson, A. R. and S. Shaikh, “Economics, sport and the environment: Incentives and Intersections.” Forthcoming in the Handbook of Sport and Environment, Chapter 3, T. Kellison and B. McCullough, eds. Routledge, 2018. 

Oliver, et al. “Molecular tools for bathing water assessment in Europe: Balancing social science research with a rapidly developing environmental science evidence-base.” AMBIO, 2015

Harris, J. and S. Shaikh, “Value of Time Clustering and the Efficiency of Destination- Based Congestion Pricing”, Environmental Practice, 2011

Kozak, et. al. “The geography of ecosystem service value: The case of the Des Plaines and Cache River wetlands, Illinois.” Applied Geography, 2010.

Tallis, et al. “Poverty Implications of Ecosystem Service Valuation” in Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services. P. Kareiva, et al, eds. Oxford University Press, 2011.