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Science Outreach, Broader Impacts, and Communication (10/6/2017)
I was at the Broader Impacts Fair and someone handed me a flier while inviting me to a talk later than week — it was the first time that I’d ever been handed (More)
#LoganTurns5 [10/7/2017]
Got a chance to visit the Logan Center for part of their 5th anniversary bash #LoganTurns5. There's no way to properly convey just how significant an addition to the Univer (More)
Amplify Arts Conference 5/14/2016
I got the chance to moderate a panel "Building a School Community" at the first Amplify Arts Summit on Saturday. A few things generally before I talk about the session itself: The UChicago Arts A (More)
3 Week Springtime Hustle @ UChicago
It's been a busy 3 weeks. The end of the academic year at UChicago is always like this in a sense - a mix of normal business, year end celebrations, some goodbyes, and a wave of new ideas for the summer or fall that inevitably need more attention (More)
Four Events from 3rd Wk (Spring Quarter 2016) #marooned
I'll write about four events that I participated in this past week: Bronzeville CAC Meeting, Police & Fire Scholarship Reception,  Polished Pebbles Book Launch for "They are all the Same Girl", Generation All Launch. . This blog represents one part of that - (More)
North from Rockefeller
Looking north from the top of Rockefeller Chapel. Rockefeller has More)
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