Winter Workshop Schedule 2021

*all sessions meet on Zoom at 5:00pm; Zoom invites and papers circulated one-week in advance*

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February 17 | Fiona Maxwell

* co-sponsored by Theatre and Performance Studies Workshop*

PhD Student, History, University of Chicago:  “Bringing Literature to Life: Literary Performance in the Post-Civil War American Midwest”

February 24 | Teaching & Research in Transatlantic Literary Studies: A Roundtable

David Kazanjian (Professor of English, UPenn), Chris Taylor (Associate Professor of English, UChicago), Larissa Brewer-García (Assistant Professor of Latin American Literature, UChicago)

March 10 | Alexis Chema 

* co-sponsored by Poetry & Poetics Workshop*

Assistant Professor, English, University of Chicago:   “Hyper-Lyric Diction,” Cambridge Companion to the Poem

March 8 – 12 | Spectacles of Decline: A Symposium on the Waning British Empire

*organized by PhD candidates, Department of English

  • Thursday, March 11 (1:30 – 2:50pm): a co-sponsored roundtable on pathology and empire featuring Claire Seiler (Dickinson College), Suman Seth (Cornell University), Elizabeth Outka (University of Richmond), Anjuli F. Raza Kolb (Williams College), & Zach Samalin (UChicago).
  • Additional conference speakers include Peter Kalliney, James Hevia, Jo McDonagh, Nasser Mufti, Santanu Das, Jed Esty, Hazel Carby, Sarah Jessica Johnson, Kaneesha Parsard, Rochona Majumdar, and more.

 We are accepting paper proposals on an ongoing basis as our schedule for the spring term remains quite flexible. Please submit proposals to workshop coordinators Charlotte Saul ( & Yao Ong (

*all sessions will meet on zoom at 5:30pm*

*zoom invites and papers will be circulated one-week in advance*

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September 30 | Welcome Back, a virtual get-together. 18/19thc-themed background/wallpaper very much encouraged (prize for the best one)

October 7 | Kevin King

PhD Candidate, English, University of Chicago:  “Pirates and Beggars or, “Those That Will Not Work”” (part one: “Charles Dickens v. Beggars in Literature”)

October 21 | Zach Samalin

Assistant Professor, English, University of Chicago:  “Horizons of Expectoration: Nineteenth-Century Disgust and Its Afterlives”

 November 4 | Jennifer Yida Pan

PhD Candidate, English, University of Chicago:  “Elemental Technology in Romanticism, or forms of hinging”

 November 18 | Marissa Croft

PhD Candidate, Rhetoric and Public Culture, Northwestern University :  “Liberty Versus Equality: Navigating the Problem of Social Difference and Surveillance in the Clothing Rhetoric of the French Revolution”

 December 2 | Holiday Farewell (with a festive reading)

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