From the beginning of chapter 1 to the end of chapter 4, the protagonist expressed his strong desire to continue and succeed in his education, and even when he was beaten he was still thinking about his speech which helped him get into college. After the protagonist sent Mr. Norton back to campus, he thought about the possibility of him being expelled and claimed: “Here within this quiet greenness I possessed the only identity I had ever known, and I was losing it.”(99). It is highly possible that the “only” identity that the protagonist thought he possessed was that of a student, as one who was struggling to be humble decent like Dr. Bledsoe, but what if he loses this identity? In the prologue, the protagonist never mentioned once about education or humility, suggesting the possible loss of his “only” identity. I am really curious that if it was the loss of the “only” identity that led to the protagonist’s invisibility, or could it be that invisibility came to be at least part of his identity, substituting the former one, and was the character’s change from the obedient student to a cynical man a product of his identity issue.