Upon joining the Brotherhood, the invisible man is given, and begins living under, a new name- although to us he remains nameless. This new persona lets him step into a new world, or at least take a peek behind the curtain, and with its development he recognizes “that there were two of [him]”, one for each of his names (380). The new name seems directly tied to the creation of this new persona that makes speeches and plays the part of community organizer. But his new persona is not free of the binds of his old one, as indicated by Ras and the presence of a fight ring when his new persona first took the stage, or even when the picture of Frederick Douglass was put up in the office for him. This unknown name ties into a partial realization, a change from a blind man into a one eyed man, but I am unable to decide whether the invisible man uses this new eye to see inside, outside, or both.