Analyzing characters in this film is slightly difficult, as the whole story is centered around who (and what) should be considered as “characters” in the sense of being human, and which should be dehumanized to the level of being able to kill (or retire) them. I find it interesting that the Voigt-Kampff test used on replicants relies on identifying emotions that humans can relate to. I found this odd, as being aware of the emotions you are expected to produce in itself hinders producing those emotions, and that a dichotomy is created between being emotional and rational that essentially defines your status. We see this in the character of Rachael, who is made aware of the state of her memories and emotions. She is able to withstand the test for much longer duration due to her conviction that she is human, and produce the same feelings. It leads me to question whether being able to have emotions is an adequate way of distinguishing replicants from humans, as the test can only see the results of such emotions and not the process of producing them. Ultimately, I think that the process of trying to systematize emotions is contradictory, and creates an interesting-yet subjective- basis for the entire plot of the movie.