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Fatih Abasiyanik is a staff scientist at Single Cell Immunophenotyping Core/Chevrier Lab, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, The University of Chicago.

This website contains his personal interests, work experiences, skills, news, contact info, etc.

Mailing Address: PME, IGSB, 10120, 900 E 57th, 60637, Chicago, IL, US
Email: abasiyanik at uchicago dot edu
Tel: 773.834.8521 Linkedin:



Fatih Abasiyanik has been living in Chicago since 2017. He is a staff scientist at the Single Cell Immunophenotyping Core and Core Manager. He published +40 papers, supervised over 25 graduate students, and took a critical role (adviser, partner, etc.) in more than 7 start-up companies. He recently filled out a provisional patent application.


As the Guest Editor for the Special Issue “Biosensors and Their Applications for Food Analysis,” I am delighted to invite the submission of experimental and theoretical research findings, review articles, and concise communications centered around this subject.

#FoodSafety #Communications #Sensors #FoodEngineering #FoodScience #MDPI


Research Interest:

      1. Infectious Diseases
        • Sepsis and Septic Shock
        • Helicobacter pylori-Gastrointestinal Diseases
        • HPV and head/neck cancer
        • SARS CoV-2
        • NGS Technologies
  • Development of bioanalytical tools/assays/methods (immunoassays, DNA-based PCR technologies, NGS methods, biosensors, etc.) to analyze biomarkers (i.e., DNA, RNA, protein) in biological samples (saliva, blood, food, and environmental samples).
    • Host biomarker analysis (e.g., cytokines)
    • Pathogen biomarker detection (e.g., DNA, RNA, antigen)
    • Food analysis and food policy
    • Pollutant detection
  • Data Science and Analysis of Medical Data
    • Prognostic and diagnostic-related data analysis
    • Prediction of disease outcome based on internal and external data (measurements) (i.m.: symptoms, lab data, patient info, etc.) (e.m.: environmental data, weather, and related data, etc.)
  • Formal/Informal biotech education and training of educators
    • Biotech Technology Transfer and Enterpronuial Ecosystem
    • Design Thinking
    • Idea incubation
    • Third Generation Universities and design of the undergraduate curriculum to graduate students as a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


  • Working Experience:

        1. Staff Scientist, Single-Cell Immunophenotyping Core, and Chevrier Lab, The University of Chicago, 2021-current
        2. Research Professional 2017 – 2021
          PME, The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
        3. Associate Prof and Vice Dean of Medical School August/2016 – January /2017
          Alatoo International University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (KG)
        4. Associate Prof, Program Chair of Genetics and Bioengineering Department December/2014 – July/2016
          Engineering Faculty, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        5. Associate Prof, Founding Chair of Biotechnology Ph.D. Program January /2011 – December/2014
          Engineering Faculty, Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        6. Associate Prof, Vice Dean, Engineering Faculty October /2011 – December/2012Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        7. Assistant/Assoc. Prof, Vice-Chair, Genetics, and Bioengineering Department January /2007 – December/2014
          Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        8. Assistant. Prof, Chairman, Biology Department March/2005 – August/2007
          Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        9. Instructor, Biology Department July/2004 – February/2005
          Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        10. Research and Teaching Assistant, Biology Department December/1997 – July/2004
          Fatih University, Istanbul, Turkey
        11. STEM and Biology Teacher, August/1992 – July/1997
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    Courses/ Workshops:

        • Java Programing Language
        • SPLC related tools: Selenium, Maven, Cucumber, TestNG, etc.
        • Entrepreneurship for Science and Medicine, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Chicago Booth,  The University of Chicago
        • Intro to Venture Capital: A toolkit for analyzing and financing startups, Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Chicago Booth,  The University of Chicago
        • Certificated Work training on different topics at the Chicago University
          • Animal care and use procedure certification
          • Data security and privacy certification
          • Rodent euthanasia
          • Occupational health and safety information module for animal users
          • Human Research Course for the staff
          • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
        • Whole-genome sequencing of bacterial genomes: tools and applications course, Coursera, 2019
        • Phyton  Programming Essentials Course, Coursera, 2019
        • Phyton for Data Science Course, Coursera, 2019
        • Phyton for Data Science and AI Course, Coursera, 2019
        • Open Meeting Act on-line training, Office of the Attorney General State of Illinois, 2017
        • Databases and SQL for Data Science Course
        • World Future Forum, Chicago, US 04/25-26/2019
        • Illinois Charter School Conference 2018, Chicago, US 11/15/2018
        • OPEN Chicago Annual Business Conference 2018, Chicago, US 11/10/2018
        • Open Meeting Act on-line training, Office of the Attorney General State of Illinois, 2017
        • Halal Food Conference, Malaysia 10/15/2015
        • Computer-Aided Drug Design, Koc University, 2/2-5/2007
        • The use of bioinformatics in genomics workshop, COMSTECH, Pakistan 8/19/-9/2/ 2006
        • The practical and theoretical courses on the basic protein purification techniques, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute, TUBITAK, Gebze, Turkey 9/2-6/2002
        • Pedagogic-Formation Summer School, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey June -August 1995
        • Teaching Biology Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey July 1995
        • STEM education Workshop, Almaty, Kazakhstan January 1993




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