UChicago Professional Education Admissions

Professional Certificates

Student Resources

As a student, you are welcome to take advantage of many of the world-class resources and services the University has to offer.

Professional Certificates

Student Resources

As a student, you are welcome to take advantage of many of the world-class resources and services the University has to offer.

Professional Certificates

Student Resources

As a student, you are welcome to take advantage of many of the world-class resources and services the University has to offer.

Student Resources

Academic Record and Course Registration

You may log in to our Online Student Portal to view your course history and register for classes.

Accommodations and Disability Services

To ensure the intellectual richness of research and education, the University of Chicago seeks to provide an environment conducive to learning, teaching, working, and conducting research that values the diversity of its community. The University strives to be supportive of the academic, personal and work-related needs of each individual and is committed to facilitating the full participation of students with a disability in the life of the University.

Student Disability Services works to provide resources, support and accommodations for all students with disabilities and works to remove physical and attitudinal barriers, which may prevent their full participation in the University community. Accommodations are also provided for students who are injured but not permanently disabled. Visit Injured Student Resources for guidelines.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

The University strongly encourages individuals who may need assistance during an emergency to identify themselves to the University in order to collaborate on development of a Personal Emergency Plan and sign up for cAlert system, the University’s electronic emergency mass notification system. Students may also download the UChicago Safe Mobile Safety App to quickly access safety information. Please visit the Safety and Security website for more complete, in-depth information.

Assisted Listening Devices at the Gleacher Center and the NBC Tower

The Gleacher Center has a number of Assisted Listening Devices that are available to guests who come to attend a lecture. These are available on a first come first serve basis. They may be checked out from the Graham School’s Gleacher Center’s Office. If you are a Graham School students who wishes to use such a device for class or other academic related activities, contact Dr. Gregory A. Moorehead, director, Student Disability Services at 773.702.7776 or gmoorehead@uchicago.edu. We suggest that you read about requesting reasonable accommodations published on the University’s disability services website.

Alumni Community

Upon completion of a certificate program, students gain University of Chicago alumni benefits and privileges through the Alumni Association.

Visit Alumni & Friends to explore resources available to you, opportunities to connect with other UChicago alumni in person or online, continue your education, or support the University by becoming a volunteer or donor. You can also visit UChicago Community Online to access the alumni network, clubs and groups, events, and other resources.

Download the Getting Started and Academic Resources for Alumni Guide to explore everything now available to you as a graduate and instructions on accessing your alumni benefits.


Contact the Registrar at 773.702.1722for inquiries involving tuition for noncredit courses and other fees. We accept payment by check, money order, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover®.

Please note: Noncredit students do not qualify for financial aid. 

Books and Course Materials

For courses which require you to purchase books and other course materials, these can be purchased at the Barnes & Noble book store in the Gleacher Center or on the main Hyde Park campus at the University of Chicago bookstore and Seminary Co-Op.

Consult your course syllabus for information on which store can meet your needs.

Career Development

The Professional Development team strives to provide career services and additional resources for our current students and alumni. We host events, workshops, seminars, and webinars focusing on important skills like networking, interviewing, resume writing, and negotiating. We also offer lectures that expand beyond the classroom and dive deep into diverse subjects. 

Certificates and Convocation

Upon completion of Certificate Program requirements, students can request to receive their diploma. Certificates are conferred electronically on a rolling basis. Within four weeks of submitting their certificate request, students will receive an email with password-coded directions for download. Physical diplomas are only conferred to students who attend the Certificate Graduation Celebration. The Certificate Graduation Celebration date is communicated in December.

Request your certificate.

Grade records for professional noncredit certificate programs predating 1996 are not available.

Community Safety

The University is committed to working with the community and the Chicago Police Department to prevent crime and improve public safety in our community. The University of Chicago Police Department has approximately 100 professionally trained officers with full police powers to serve University students, faculty, staff, and community members. In addition, the University partners with the City of Chicago as well as neighborhood organizations to improve transportation and other aspects of community life.

We encourage students to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the University of Chicago Community Safety FAQs and Safety Resources.

UChicago Safe Mobile App

UChicago Safe is a free app to quickly access safety information by the tap of an icon. The University of Chicago’s Department of Safety & Security and AppArmor have developed this app to provide information for emergencies and links to safety resources. The app is easy to download and free.

Emergency Information

The University of Chicago’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Program outlines strategies to protect the life safety of University students, faculty, and staff, and to preserve University property and assets in the event of an emergency. The Emergency Management website is a resource the University community can use to receive information on how to prepare for emergencies and how to protect themselves from the effects of an emergency.

Emergency Contact Information

At any time you may call 911 to report an emergency.

Hyde Park: To report an emergency that may threaten the community, contact the University of Chicago Police Department: 123 (on-campus phone), or 773.702.8181 (from an off-campus phone).

Gleacher Center: To report a life threatening emergency call 911. To report a non-life threatening emergency and receive assistance contact Graham School Gleacher Center office staff at 312.464.8655 or the security desk staff at 312.464.8777.

cAlert Electronic Mass Notification System

The cAlert system is the University’s electronic emergency mass notification system, which enables University officials to provide notification and informational updates to members of the University community prior to, during, or after an emergency.

This comprehensive notification system possesses the capability to target a University-wide audience or it can be tailored to specific user groups or facilities. Through the cAlert system, the University can keep everyone informed before, during, and after events, whether the events are an emergency or non-emergency.

The cAlert system will be used only to contact you in case of emergency, a University closing, or some other event that requires rapid, wide-scale notification of the community.

Gleacher and NBC Bicycle Parking

If you are riding your bicycle to Gleacher or NBC please be sure to only lock your bicycle to designated bike racks. All others may be removed and taken to the City of Chicago pound. Owners of impounded bicycles are responsible for retrieving them and paying all associated fees.

International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is dedicated to enhancing a vibrant international community and to fostering cross-cultural experience. They welcome, support and strengthen diversity through advocacy and holistic service.


As a private institution, the University of Chicago Library is dedicated to serving the research and teaching needs of our faculty and students, as well as the larger University community of alumni and staff. Beyond serving the University, we also recognize that we are a destination for scholars from around the world and strive to provide access to our collections to those with a legitimate research need. If your research leads you to our collections, we will do our best to provide access whenever possible.

We expect all users to abide by the policies and principles expressed in the Library’s statement of User Rights and Responsibilities for Creating and Sustaining a Scholarly Environment. We are committed to providing access to both our physical and electronic resources to users with disabilities; for more information see Services for Users with Disabilities.

User access varies based on your University affiliation. Please visit the University of Chicago Library website to view what kinds of access and privileges we can offer you.