Hello adventurers! I’m Michael, and this is my second year as OAC president. I was born in Chicago, but have been living in beautiful Spokane since second grade. Washington was perfect for me: I was able to explore Glacier Peak Wilderness, hike my first 100 mile loop in the Bob Marshall, and summit Mount Baker! As a lifelong outdoor learner and adventurer, I aim to bring my skills and passion for the outdoors to Chicago. I am a third-year, majoring in Computational and Applied Math and minoring in Astrophysics. My favorite OAC trip was to Isle Royale, with the Spring Break Colorado Ski trip coming in a close second. Outside of UChicago, my favorite trip ever was a two week long stint in Alaska during the summer of 2017 spent deep sea kayaking through Kenai Fjord’s National Park and trekking through Denali National Park where we saw a football field-sized ice chunk calve and splash from the Northwestern Glacier. You can ask me about my adventures at michaelthew@uchicago.edu.
Vice President
Zoë is a second-year from Concord, MA. Major-wise, she’s undecided, but she’s leaning toward political science or history. She enjoys biking and hiking, especially up in the White Mountains in NH. In addition, she likes playing guitar and reading, and she loves coffee. Her favorite outdoorsy trip was one she did last summer to New Mexico with her dad; they spent a couple of weeks exploring the mountains around Santa Fe and rafting on the Rio Grande, and it was incredible! Her family also drives up to Vermont each year to ski, which is always really fun. She’s involved with the OAC because the outdoors are a huge part of her life, and being able to enjoy them and help others enjoy them is really important to her.

You can reach Zoë at zdettelbach@uchicago.edu.

Lena is a third-year biology major from Madison, WI who loves to hike, kayak, and bake in her free time. Her all-time favorite trip was to Banff National Park in Canada. She and her family froze every night in their warm weather tent when it was 30 degrees out, but it was totally worth it for the views of the stunningly blue lakes (including one right outside their tent!) and snowy mountains. She’s a member of OAC because she feels great when she’s outdoors and she’s eager to explore new natural areas and get out of the city sometimes.

You can reach Magdalena at mbmurray@uchicago.edu.

Giacomo is a second-year in the college, studying political science. He recently learned that work-life balance is a real thing that adults try to do, so he has become very involved in the OAC. He loves rock climbing, skiing, mountaineering, and pretty much everything else people do outside. Hit him up in the Pacific Northwest on breaks if you want to have some great adventures. If you need to contact him with questions, reimbursement requests, or just to say hi, you can email him at gmendel@uchicago.edu.
Assistant Treasurer & Fundraising Chair
Julian Chapin, known as Bananas on trail, is a second-year from New York, NY. He cut his outdoor adventuring teeth not long after the ones in his mouth, collecting sticks in Central Park. His favorite expedition to date has been an end-to-end northbound hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2017, and he’s ever-hungry for more. When [(number of days to the nearest road)*(Arley D. Cathey Dining Commons^.5)] * [(UChicago?)/(pack weight in excess of 20 lbs)] is negative, his motto, “You are what you eat,” may be abbreviated to the more parsimonious “Eat.” Julian can be reached by email at jchapin@uchicago.edu and is excited to make your acquaintance!
Gear Manager
Jen is a fourth-year from the San Francisco Bay Area majoring in geography. She’s spent every spring break with the OAC and still fondly reminisces about past trip adventures and misadventures. Talk to her about the best part of driving through Iowa, your wildest trail food dreams, Cracker Barrel, Florida’s orchids—oh, and renting gear. As an aspiring archaeologist, she has had dreams of excavating the gear closet and learning the history of all the ancient stuff in there. One day. Also, Jen strongly believes in hydration.

Reach her at jenniferfeng@uchicago.edu.

Assistant Gear Manager
Yao Xen is an avid traveller, backpacker, hiker, mountain biker, kayaker, skier, coffee-drinker, etc. In the very serious position of Assistant Gear Manager, he hopes the fast-paced environment, exposure to high-profile transactions, and community of high-achieving motivated people from assistant gear managing will be an excellent start to his assistantship career. Most recently, his favourite trip was going to New Zealand and swimming in freezing cold glacial water pools. On his mind for a future trip is rock climbing up Half Dome in Yosemite, but he probably has to learn how to rock climb first. He is a third-year majoring in Economics and Public Policy. In a pinch for gear for your trips, advice about gear, or just to chat about all things outdoors and non-outdoors, he’s on Facebook, email (yaoxtan@uchicago.edu), and text (312 982 4064).
Assistant Gear Manager
Alex is a third-year in the college who loves any type of outdoor adventure. Talk to him about gear rental and he’ll hook you up with the best stuff OAC has to offer. You may have to listen to promotion of rock climbing events though, as he is co-president of UROCK. Alex is happiest in the outdoors — he particularly enjoys climbing, hiking, kayaking, skiing, & snowboarding.

You can reach Alex at alexmaiorella@uchicago.edu.

Snocial (Snack & Socials) Manager
Marta is a fourth-year Biology/Environmental Science double major. If you ever need to find her, your best chance is to walk through the quad on a sunny day and spot the highest-placed hammock. She enjoys losing herself in the wilderness on the weekends, feeding people, and making questionable decisions regarding cold bodies of water. Don’t hesitate to ask her for a home cooked meal and melancholic conversations about her summers in the Sierras backpacking, falls on Cape Cod frisbeeing, winters in Chicago wandering about the snowed over city parks, and springs climbing at the Red or backcountry skiing. These conversations are also available via email at martadegiuli@uchicago.edu – in the off chance she’s in a place with reception she’ll get back to you promptly.
Social Media & Advertising Manager

Maya is a fourth-year statistics major from Yamhill, OR. She got involved in the OAC through its partner trips with the UROCK climbing club to Chicago-area climbing destinations, though she also loves hiking and camping. When she’s not coding, climbing, or creating websites, she loves exploring the Chicago food scene, dabbling in various athletic RSOs, and baking unnecessary cakes. Maya’s most recent favorite trip was a UROCK/OAC spring break road trip to Nevada, where she and other club members hiked over and climbed on the beautiful sandstone of Red Rock Canyon.

You can reach Maya at mpat@uchicago.edu.

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