May 2nd | Ben Jeffery on Grief is a Troubled Medium: Reading Housekeeping through Loewald

Please join the Affect and the Emotions Workshop, in-person, on

Monday, May 2nd


Ben Jeffery

Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences

presents the paper:


Grief is a Troubled Medium: Reading Housekeeping through Loewald

There is a passage in Marilynne Robinson’s novel Housekeeping(1980) where the narrator describes the effect of a sudden bereavement on an Idaho family. She – the narrator – tells us that the event “had troubled the very medium of their lives. Time and air and sunlight bore wave and wave of shock…” I propose to read the passage through the lens of Hans Loewald’s psychoanalytic work, with the aim of showing how it illustrates an idea he presents about the psychological constitution of external reality.



Amy Levine

PhD Candidate; Department of Philosophy and Committee on Social Thought


This event will take place in

Wieboldt Hall, Room 408

4:30-6:00pm CT

Materials to be discussed are available on our website.