ASW Calendar Fall 2016

African Studies Workshop Calendar (Autumn 2016)

October 4, 2016: Fall Welcome Event with Jennifer Cole (Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago). Discussant: Erin V. Moore (Postdoctoral Fellow, Buffet Institute for Global Studies, Northwestern University)

October 18, 2016: John Cropper (PhD Candidate, Department of History). Title: TBD. Discussant: Amanda Blair (PhD Candidate, Department of Political Science)

October 27th, 2016: Slavery and Visual Culture Working Group presents “The Spaces of Enslavement: Rethinking the Architecture of the Castle/Dungeon”, a public lecture by Simon Gikandi (Department of English, Princeton). Time & Location: 5:30pm at the Franke Institute for the Humanities Conference Room (1100 E. 57th Street). More information at

November 2, 2016: Red Lion Seminar welcomes Francis Dodoo (Department of Sociology and Criminology, Pennsylvania State University). Time & Location: 6:30pm at the Red Lion Pub in Lincoln Park (2446 N. Lincoln Ave)

November 10, 2016: Distinguished Lecture Series welcomes Constantine Petridis (Chair of African and Indian Art of the Americas, Art Institute of Chicago). “Fragments of Art, Fragments of Life: African Art in and out of Context”. Time & Location: 5:30pm at Franke Institute for the Humanities (1100 E. 57th St)

November 29, 2016: Zebulon Dingley (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology). Title: TBD.


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