Current Activities

Workshop and translation group meetings for Winter 2018 will be held in Classics 21, 1:30-3:00 pm every Friday. The Classics building is located at 1010 E 59th St. The translation group will meet every week of the quarter in which a paper is not to be presented. Papers, which are provided below as soon as they are available, are to be read by participants beforehand. The papers are password protected. Please email the graduate student coordinator for the password.

Winter Schedule

January 11th: Serena Lai (UChicago): The Philosopher’s Virtue: Phaedo 68c-69c/

January 18th: Sarale Ben Asher (UChicago): Poetry’s Tragic Flaws: An Essay on Republic 10

February 8th: Jason Rheins (Loyola): Deus ex Caverna? Theology and Teleology in the “Subterranean Argument” of Aristotle’s Lost De Philosophia 

February 15th: Elena Comay del Junco (UChicago): ‘All things ordered toward one’: A reading of Metaphysics xii

February 22nd: Jessica Moss (NYU): Plato’s Objects-First Epistemology

Abstract: Plato seems to say that knowledge (epistêmê) is only of Forms, and opinion (doxa) only of perceptibles.  Many find these claims bizarre, and search for ways to interpret Plato on which he does not actually make them.  My aim is to show that such claims are in fact very much in keeping with Plato’s overall approach to epistemology, which I call “objects-first”: epistemic kinds (like knowledge and opinion), are not only individuated by their objects, but also essentially defined by them, and furthermore resemble them.

March 8th: Leon Wash (UChicago)


 Translation Group

This year we are continuing to read Plato’s Charmides. You can access the OCT text here. Please email Amber Ace ( if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.