Current Activities

Workshop and translation group meetings for Winter 2018 will be held in Classics 21, 1:30-3:00 pm every Friday. The Classics building is located at 1010 E 59th St. The translation group will meet every week of the quarter in which a paper is not to be presented. Papers, which are provided below as soon as they are available, are to be read by participants beforehand. The papers are password protected. Please email the graduate student coordinator for the password.

Spring 2019 Schedule

April 5th: Arnold Brooks (UChicago): Changing and Having Changed in Physics 6

Friday April 12th: Christopher Raymond (Vassar): “Listen to my dream”: Divination in Plato’s Charmides.

Monday April 15th: Plato, the Parthenon, and Liberal Education 

Friday April 19th: Rory Hanlon (UChicago): Aristotle and the Problem of Psychic Parthood

Friday April 26th (11.30-1, Rosenwald 215): Brooke Holmes (Princeton): Pain as Contagion: Pseudo-Aristotelian Problemata Book 7 and the Mechanics of Sympathy

Friday April 26th-Saturday April 27th: Lucretius’ On the Nature of Things: Bringing Enlightenment to the Romans. A conference featuring presentations by Monica Gale, Brooke Holmes, David Konstan, Pamela Zinn, Rik Peters and Amber Ace.

Classical Lecture Society 

Monday May 6th: Reviel NetzScale, Space and Canon in Ancient Literary Culture (time and location tbd)

Tuesday May 7th: Reviel Netz will give a seminar on Greek and Latin technical literature, focussing on the first four pages of Asclepiodotus’ Tactics.

Friday May 10th: Melina Garibovic (UChicago): The Aesthetic Experience of Moral Beauty

Thursday May 23rd and Friday May 24th: the Annual Ancient Philosophy Graduate Student Conference

Friday May 31st: Josh Trubowitz (UChicago): On Form as Primary Being in Aristotle’s Metaphysics 



 Translation Group

This year we are continuing to read Plato’s Charmides. You can access the OCT text here. Please email Amber Ace ( if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.