Current Activities

All meetings for Spring 2021 are held on Zoom on Wednesdays 4:30-6:00, which alternate irregularly with translation/discussion of Plato’s Laws X, and presentations by graduate students and outside speakers.

Spring 2021

Week 1 (Mar 31): Translation group Laws X

Week 2 (Apr 7): James Redfield, “The Theatetus as Philosophical Fiction” Joint Meeting with Literature and Philosophy”

Week 3 (Apr 14): Translation Group,  Laws X

Week 4 (Apr 21): No Meeting

Week 5 (Apr 28): Rory Hanlon, (Chicago), “Psychic Parthood and Aristotle’s Mapping of the Soul”

Week 6 (May 5): Francisco Gonzalez (Ottawa), “Forms as Powers and Activity Beyond Form: What is Really in Contention between Plato and Aristotle.”

Week 7 (May 12): Aparna Ravilochan, (Chicago) “TBD”

Week 8 (May 19): Isabela Ferreira (Chicago), “The Logic of the Image in Plato’s Sophist”

Week 9 (May 26): Nate Powers (SUNY Albany), “Stoic Speech in Dio of Prusa”

Week 10 (June 2): Translation Group, Laws X

Winter 2021

Week 1 (Jan 13): Translation group Laws X

Week 2 (Jan 20): Translation Group,  Laws X

Week 3 (Jan 27): Translation Group,  Laws X

Week 4 (Feb 3): Translation Group,  Laws X

Week 5 (Feb 10): Translation Group, Laws X

Week 6 (Feb 17): Translation Group, Laws X

Week 7 (Feb 24): Mitzi Lee, (Colorado Boulder) “Aristotle’s Debt to Plato’s Political Philosophy”

Week 8 (Mar 3): Michael Moore (Chicago), “Improving on Immortality: Cicero’s Phaedrus”

Week 9 (Mar 10): Tim Clarke (Berkeley), “Justice in Simpler Times”

Week 10 (Mar 17): Serena Lai, “On the Elements”

Finals Week (Tentative) Translation Group, Laws X

Autumn 2020

Week 1 (Sept 30): Translation group Laws X, Opening until 886b2 “tas psychas auton”

Week 2 (Oct 7): Translation Group,  Laws X

Week 3 (Oct 14): Katja Vogt (NYU), “Law and the Metaphysics of Discord” (discusses the Euthyphro)

Week 4 (Oct 21): Joshua Trubowitz, “Esse and Percipi: Aristotle’s ‘Perceiving that We Perceive’”

Week 5 (Oct 28): Translation Group, Laws X

Week 6 (Nov 4): Translation Group, Laws X

Week 7 (Nov 11): Arnold Brooks, “The Unhappy Marriage of Thought and Time: Posterior Analytics 2.12”

Week 8 (Nov 18): Mary Louise Gill (Brown), “Mind’s Place in Aristotle’s Science of Nature” (Discusses Parts of Animals I)

Week 9 (Nov 23-27): Thanksgiving

Week 10 (Dec 2): Michael Moore, “Improving on Immortality In the Phaedo” (Discusses Platonic argumentation in Tusculan Disputations I)

Finals Week (Dec 9) (Tentative) Translation Group, Laws X

Translation Group

This year we are reading Plato, Laws X. You can access the text by clicking here. Please email Michael Moore ( if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.