Current Activities

Workshop and translation group meetings are held in Classics 21, 4:30-6:00 pm every Wednesday while classes are in session. The Classics building is located at 1010 E 59th St. The translation group will meet every week of the quarter in which a paper is not to be presented. Papers, which are provided below as soon as they are available, are to be read by participants beforehand. The papers are password protected. Please email the graduate student coordinator for the password.

Spring 2018 Events

March 28th: Agnes  Callard (University of Chicago)
Socratic Refutation

April 4th: Michael Moore (University of Chicago)
Cicero’s Plato’s Forms

April 11th: Jed Atkins (Duke)
Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism in Cicero’s De officiis

April 13th-14th: University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference in Ancient Philosophy— Learning and Teaching in Ancient Thought

April 18th: Amber  Ace (University of Chicago)
Atomic Immortality: Isonomia and the Epicurean Gods

May 9th: Matt Landauer (University of Chicago)
Platonic Institutionalism: on Assemblies and Drinking Parties in the Republic and the Laws

May 16th: Ermioni Prokopaki (University of Chicago)
Dialectic, Analogia & the Mathematics of the Divided Line (Rep. 6.509d-511e)

May 23rd: Anne Siebels Peterson (University of Utah)
What’s the Matter with Animal Generation? Numerical Unity and Hylomorphic Unity in Aristotle

May 30th: Rory Hanlon (University of Chicago)
Moving Parts: Aristotle on Desire, Locomotion, and Parts of Soul (De Anima III.9-10)

Winter 2018 Events

January 10th: Josh Mendelsohn (University of Chicago)
Aristotle on the Necessity of First Principles

January 24th: Brad Inwood (Yale)
Stoicism for Non-Sages

February  7th: Emilio Comay del Junco (University of Chicago)
Aristotle on Comparability

February 28th: Isabela Ferreira  (University of Chicago)
What Paradigmatism? Understanding Plato’s Models

March 7th: Thomas Pashby  (University of Chicago)
Aristotle’s Theory of Time

Fall 2017 Events

October 25th: Christopher Roser (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Rational Persuasion in Plato’s Gorgias

November 8th: Rik Peters (University of Chicago)
The Speed of Thought in Epicurean Philosophy and the Greek Imaginary

November 15th: Arnold Brooks (University of Chicago)
A Fault in Aristotle’s Physics

November 29th: Christopher Moore (The Pennsylvania State University)
Charmides and the Meaning of Sôphrosunê

Translation Group

This year we are reading Plato’s Charmides. You can access the OCT text here. Please email Rory Hanlon if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.