Current Activities

Workshop and translation group meetings for Spring 2020 will be held over Zoom. Papers, which are provided below as soon as they are available, are to be read by participants beforehand. The papers are password protected. Please email the graduate student coordinator for the password.

Winter 2020

Week 1 (January 8): Translation group (discussion leader: Josh Trubowitz)

Week 2 (January 15): Antoine Pageau St-Hilaire, “The problem of Eros in Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus”

Week 3 (January 22): Translation group (discussion leader: Serena Lai)

Week 4 (January 29): Isabela Ferreira, “Living Being: The Stranger’s Account of Ousia in the Sophist

Week 5 (February 5): Ermioni Prokopaki, “Models of Knowledge in the Theaetetus: The Case of Perception”

Week 6 (February 12): Aparna Ravilochan, “Revising Hylomorphism in Aristotle’s Generation of Animals” (to be rescheduled)

Week 7 (February 19): Translation group (discussion leader: Sarale Ben Asher)

Week 8 (February 26): Prof. Anthony Price (Birkbeck), Aristotelian Continence Reconsidered”

Week 9 (March 4): Translation group (discussion leader: Ermioni Prokopaki)

Week 10 (March 11): Dr. Kendall Sharp (Graham School), “Footprints of Memory: Conversational Address and Literary Dialogue in Plato’s Phaedrus”

Spring 2020

Week 1 (April 8): Prof. Gabriel Richardson Lear (Chicago), “Plato on the Role of Reason in Desiring the Kalon

Week 2 (April 15): Dr. Bryan Reece, “From the Standard Problem to the Hard Problem of Happiness in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Week 3 (April 22): Translation group

Week 4 (April 29): Josh Trubowitz, “Aristotle on Why Animals Cannot Be Happy”

Week 5 (May 6): Translation group

Week 6 (May 13): Aparna Ravilochan, On Animal Form: Revising Aristotle’s Hylomorphic Generation”

Week 7 (May 20): Jozef Majernik, “Gods and Philosophers: The Ancient Übermenschen

Week 8 (May 27): Rory Hanlon, “Aristotle’s Unified Soul: The Figure-Soul Analogy and its Context”

Week 9 (June 3): Amber Ace, ‘The Reproduction of Justice in Plato’s Republic

Week 10 (June 10): Translation group


Translation Group

This year we are reading Aristotle’s Rhetoric. You can access the text here. Please email Sarale Ben Asher ( if you would like to receive updates about the translation group.