Graduate Student Conference 2018

3rd Annual University of Chicago Graduate Student Conference in Ancient Philosophy: Learning and Teaching in Ancient Thought

Friday, April 13th (Cobb Hall, 102)

Sr. Anna Wray (The Catholic University of America)
Making Present the Whole: Aristotle on the Subject’s Active Contribution to Non-Discursive Thinking
Commenter: Rory Hanlon

Robert Roreitner (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin)
Themistius on concept formation as the first stage of rational learning
Commenter: Arnold Brooks

Francesca Pentassuglio (La Sapienza University of Rome)
Learning and teaching in Socratic philosophy: Aeschines and Plato on philosophical synousia and erotic paideia
Commenter: Rik Peters

Saturday, April 14th (Classics, 110)

Eleftheria Rotsia-Dimou (Central European University)
Knowledge by Analogy: The Case of the Reasonable Account
Commenter: Michael Moore

David Bronstein (Georgetown University)
Is Plato an Innatist in the Meno?
Commenter: Josh Mendelsohn
Please note that Professor Bronstein will give a presentation during this session, so reading the paper is optional.

Udit Bery (University of Oxford)
Doing the (Probably) Right Thing – Plutarch’s Skeptical Theory of Moral Learning
Commenter: Ermioni Prokopaki

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