Fall 2018 Schedule

Tuesday, Oct 9, 3:30 PM: Douglas Boin (St. Louis University): “Constantine’s Fountain: On the Intersection of Identity, Art, and Power,” Classics 21

Tuesday, Oct 23, 3:30 PM: Brendan Hainline (UChicago): “sšw jsw: ‘Ancient Writings’ and Authenticity in Egyptian Texts,” Classics 21.

THURSDAY, Nov 8, 3:30 PM: Jennifer Finn (Marquette University), “One House Left Standing: Negotiating Dynastic Identity in the Conquest of Empire,” Classics 21

Tuesday, Nov 20, 3:30 PM: Mills McArthur (UChicago), “ΕΚ ΤΩΝ ΕΡΓ ΕΠΙ ΣΟΥΝ ΟΙΚ: Workplace as Occupation Title,” Classics 21

For more information, please contact the workshop coordinator, Tim Clark, tfclark@uchicago.edu

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