Animal/Nonhuman Workshop

University of Chicago

About the Animal/Nonhuman Workshop

The Animal/Nonhuman Workshop is a group of graduate students and faculty from across the humanities and humanistic social sciences who engage with representations of nonhumans and human-nonhuman encounters in art and life.

Among other things, the workshop aims to—

1) explore the diversity of approaches to, and attitudes about, animal/nonhuman representation

2) connect scholars interested in these issues across disciplines and institutions and, hopefully, inspire collaborations

3) articulate the significance of the emergence/role/potential role of Animal/Nonhuman Studies as an academic subfield

4) support individual graduate and faculty work

Because we are currently on hiatus for the 2018-2019 academic year, the workshop will meet irregularly. In normal years, the workshop generally meets every other Tuesday from 4:30-6 p.m. in Cobb 112 to discuss works from the growing field of Animal/Nonhuman Studies. On Tuesdays on off-weeks, graduate and faculty works-in-progress are circulated via the Animal/Nonhuman listserv.  The workshops themselves include brief introductions of the works in question by their authors, formal responses by predetermined participants, and informal round table discussions. Light snacks and drinks are provided. Scholars from any and all disciplines/institutions are encouraged to attend.

For regular announcements and the password to the readings, please subscribe to our list-host.

For more information, please contact the workshop coordinators, Cody Jones (PhD Student, Comparative Literature & Divinity) at, and Sam Lasman (PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature) at 

Also feel free to familiarize yourself with our wonderful faculty sponsor, Mark Payne (Professor, Classics)

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  1. Please include me in your materials! Send them along. I would be interested in following your work. Thanks!

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