We are thrilled to announce that the Spring 2023 issue of Animus Classics Journal is now available online (here) for viewing! This issue is the culmination of months of hard work by our authors, artists, peer reviewers, copy editors, and editors, and we could not be more proud to present this edition. Below is this issue’s Letter from the Editors:

As we close our Spring 2023 spreadsheet and move from Classics 21 outside to the Classics quad, we would like to take a moment to reflect on the people who continued to dedicate their time and energy to Animus this year. 

As always, we are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our Animus staff and personnel, without whose work the journal would not be possible. To our Peer Reviewers, who poured over submissions and wrote insightful feedback for authors and our staff, to our Copy-Editors, whose eyes are no doubt strained from ensuring every “i” was dotted and every “t” was crossed, and to our Assistant Section Editors, we appreciate your continued dedication, and we thank you endlessly for your many hours of hard work. 

We are grateful for the support of the entire Classics department, particularly Kathy Fox and Professors Jonah Radding and David Wray for their advice and assistance, and Classics Bibliographer Catherine Mardikes for archiving each issue of Animus for posterity. We would also like to thank UChicago’s Student Government Committee, without whose funding this issue would not have been possible, and Elizabeth Harrison in her role as treasurer of the Classics Society.

We also owe enormous thanks to our design consultant, Jacob Keisling, who more than answered the call of his position in creating beautiful Kelmscott Press-inspired designs for this volume of the journal. We are also grateful for the forward-looking work Jacob has done to simplify the design process of the journal for future iterations of the Animus staff when his tenure on Staff ends following this issue. 

To our outgoing Board and staff members, we appreciate the constant dedication and care that you have given to support Animus. We will especially miss Josephine’s ever-discerning eye and spreadsheet-whispering abilities, Daniel’s predilection for strange culinary creations, Alex’s translation theory acumen, Jack’s soothing presence, and Jacob’s alarming proficiency with AI. We also want to thank our long-time Peer Reviewer, Gwendolyn Jacobson, whose insights have shaped our translation section since the beginning of the journal. To our incoming and continuing Board members, we look forward to what you will bring to Animus. This year has been wonderful; we have no doubt that next year will be even better. 

Lastly, Animus as a publication would not have been possible without Natalie Nitsch. As the journal’s first Managing Editor and co-Editor-in-Chief over the past two years, Natalie has been foundational in establishing Animus as a high-quality student-run publication at UChicago. Her steadfast dedication to Animus over the past three years–in creating a robust peer review system, redrafting our by-laws, organizing massive spreadsheets, and so much else–serves as a model for all of us at Animus, and she will be sorely missed, not in the least by her co-Editor-in-Chief. We look forward to Elizabeth Harrison joining Sarah Ware next year as co-Editor-in-Chief and Anjali Jain stepping into the role of Managing Editor, and wish them nothing but harmony and a lack of technical issues.


Natalie Nitsch and Sarah M. Ware


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