Writing Ethnicity in Contemporary China October 12 (Monday)

The Art and Politics of East Asia Workshop invites you to attend:


Writing Ethnicity in Contemporary China:

A Conversation with Six Writers

We are going to discuss issues such as how these writers bring their own ethnic background into their writing in Chinese, how they deal with the relationship between artistic creation and politics in contemporary China, and so forth. Feel free to bring up related issues which interest you.

We are also going to show some short clips from the Chinese film “Green Tea” (lv cha, 绿茶), which is directed by Sixth Generation director Zhang Yuan (张元) and adapted from a short story written by JIN Renshun 金仁顺, one of the writers who will participate in the event.


CAO Youyun 曹有云 (Poet, Tibetan ethnicity)
GUO Wenbin 郭文斌 (fiction writer and essayist from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region)
JIN Renshun 金仁顺 (fiction writer and screenwriter, Korean ethnicity)
NIE Le 聂勒 (Han name 钟华强Zhong Huaqiang, poet and editor, Wa ethnicity)
WANG Hua 王华 (fiction writer, Gelao ethnicity)
HU Xuewen 胡学文 (fiction writer, Vice-President of Hebei Writers’ Association, Han ethnicity)


Guo Li 郭丽 (Ph.D Candidate, Comparative Literature, University of Iowa) 


Paola Iovene (Assistant Professor in Modern Chinese literature, Department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations, University of Chicago)

   October 12 (Monday) 3:00-5:00 PM

           Room: Cobb Hall 409

The discussion will be in both Chinese and English.  

Please download the writers’ biographies and writing samples (both in Chinese and English)


cao youyun’s poem (Chinese) 

Guo Wenbin’s revised story_9_25 (English)

Guo Wenbin’s short story (Chinese)

Jin Renshun—In Dunhuang (English)

Jin Renshun’s short story (Chinese) 

Li Hui’s poems (Chinese)

Nie Le’s poem (Chinese)

Poetry with trans (both)

Wang Hua’s short story (Chinese)

Wang Hua’s tranlated text (English)



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