May 14th Presentation by Professor Pedro Erber “The Ticklish Object”

This event is sponsored by the Japan Studies Committee of the Center for East Asian Studies.

Art and Politics of East Asia Workshop presents

 The Ticklish Object:

Akasegawa Genpei between Art, Politics and Theory


Pedro Erber

(Assistant Professor, Rutgers University)  


 With a Response Offered by

Sarah Allen

(PhD Student, History of Culture, University of Chicago)


May 14th (Friday) 

3:00-5:00 p.m.

Judd Hall 313

5835 South Kimbark Avenue

Chicago, IL 60637


The paper examines the emergence and articulations of the notions of objet and “action” in Japanese art circa 1960; it explores the avant-garde’s pursuit of an immediate relationship to society and politics beyond the framing effect of “art” as a discursive, institutionalized category. The works and theories of Akasegawa Genpei occupy a central place in this analysis. Based on Akasegawa’s discussion of art’s characteristic mode of “tickling” state power, the paper explores the historical and theoretical implications of the avant-garde’s attempt at an immediate relationship to politics through art. 

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