[May 15]Writing and ethinic experience in contemporary China: Meeting with Chinese writers

The Art and Politics of East Asia Workshop invites you to attend:

Writing and ethinic experience in contemporary China: Meeting with Chinese writers

We are going to have a lunchtime casual discussion with seven Chinese writers, about issues such as how these writers bring their own ethnic background into their writing in Chinese, how they deal with the relationship between artistic creation and politics in contemporary China, and so forth. Feel free to bring up related issues which interest you.


Liu Zhenyun刘震云 (Novelist, Han ethnicity, Beijing)

Peng Xueming 彭学明(Novelist, Tujia ethnicity, Hunan Province)

Fan Jizu 范继祖/小饭 (Novelist, Han ethnicity, Shanghai)

He Xiaomei 和晓梅 (Poet, Novelist, Naxi ethnicity, Yunnan Province)

Lu Qin 禄琴(Poet, Yi ethnicity, Guizhou Province)

Yang Guoqing 杨国庆 (Poet, Qiang ethnicity)

Liao Yirong 了一容 (Novelist, Dongxiang ethnicity, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region)


Guo Li 郭丽 (Ph.D Candidate, Comparative Literature, University of Iowa) 

May 15 (Saturday) 12:00-2:00 PM

Room: Cobb Hall 403

5811 S. Ellis Avenue

The discussion will be in both Chinese and English.  

Please download the writers’ biographies and writing samples (both in Chinese and English)

Chinese writers’ biographies (Chinese version)

Chinese writers’ biographies in English

Liao Yirong 了一容中篇小说:野..

Liao Yirong 了一容短篇:白毛风..

He Xaiomei 和晓梅: 是谁失去了记忆

Yang Guoqing 杨国庆交流诗歌1

Yang Guoqing 杨国庆交流诗歌2

Fan Jizu 2妈妈,你该知道我偏为添乱而生

Fan Jizu 9混沌之家

Fan Jizu 清心寡欲的树

Fan Juzu 4我小时候

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