Chenxin Jiang

Chenxin Jiang (PhD Candidate, Social Thought)
Philhellenism and Philosophy in 1920s China
Discussant: Yanxiao He (PhD Student, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Friday, April 12, 3-5PM
Location: CEAS 319 (1155 E 60th St)

On April 12th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm the Art and Politics of East Asia workshop will host Chenxin Jiang (PhD Candidate, Social Thought). She will present “Philhellenism and Philosophy in 1920s China,” a chapter of her dissertation. Chenxin offers the following abstract:

This paper is about the 1920s journal Xueheng (Critical Review) and its translations of Plato and Aristotle into Chinese. Specifically, I read Xueheng’s translation practice as an intervention into the question of how the Chinese cultural tradition should be understood in light of global history, focusing on two critical questions: the place of Chinese thought in a global history of philosophy, and the Renaissance as a keenly contested historical parallel for contemporary China.

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