1/24 Jae-Yon Lee @ APEA

Jae-Yon Lee
Associate Professor of Korean Literature, UNIST, Korea

Thematic Mapping of Kaebyŏk (The Opening, 1920-1926) and the Rise of the Prophetic Critic in Korea 

Time: Friday, January 24, 3-5 pm
Location: Center for East Asian Studies 319 (1155 E. 60th St.)
Discussant: Ethan Waddell (Ph.D. Student, EALC)
Friday, January 24, The Arts and Politics of East Asia (APEA) workshop is proud to host Jae-Yon Lee (Associate Professor, UNIST, Korea), who will present his book chapter “Thematic Mapping of Kaebyŏk (The Opening, 1920-1926) and the Rise of the Prophetic Critic in Korea ” He summarizes his chapter as follows:
This talk is about part of the book manuscript I am working on, Networking the Repetition: Formation of Collective Authorship through 1920 Korean Magazines. For situating the chapter better, I spare the first part of the talk to briefly outline the book. It aims to revisit the seemingly meaningless lexical, literary, and social repetitions in literary production, and examine how 1920s magazines mediated those patterns to shape the process of collective authorship-making, during the formative years of modern literature in Korea. In the second part, I trace the rise of the particular author figure, the prophetic critic, through the general interest-magazine for intellectual masses, Kaebyŏk (The opening, 1920-1926) by means of both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The latter approach particularly includes topic modeling, among others, as a means to investigate the semantic relations of the words in question and their co-occurring words based on a probabilistic model. The focus here is how quantitative methods can stretch our understanding of the magazine’s proto-leftist literature to connect its ideas about the Ch’ŏndogyo (the Heavenly Way religion) and to those of social reforms.
Refreshments will be provided. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Jiayi Chen and Sabine Schulz
Co-coordinators, Art and Politics of East Asia Workshop


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