Students: We are always eager to have undergraduate and graduate students join our laboratory. Interested students should reach out to Dr. Bader.

Postdoctoral Scholar: The Biomedical Acoustics Development and Engineering Research Laboratory seeks a postdoctoral scholar in the field of image-guided focused ultrasound therapies for the treatment of renal tumors. The overall goal of this American Cancer Society-funded project is to develop an image-guided histotripsy technique for rapid ablation of renal cell carcinoma and neuroblastoma to decrease patient morbidity and mortality. This project will integrate technological advances in ultrasound imaging, computer vision, and advanced robotics to assist in the development of methods to improve clinical outcomes (e.g. efficacy, accuracy, and safety) of histotripsy ablation. The scholar will conduct in vitro and in vivo studies with high frame rate active and passive ultrasound imaging techniques to monitor bubble cloud activity initiated by the histotripsy source. Further information on the project can be found here.