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Interviews and Commentary

The Evolving Science of Behavior Change: Christopher Bryan at the Interval at Long Now, San Francisco. February 2019

ideas42, ideas42 Seminar Series: A Talk with Christopher Bryan. May 2017

LA TimesHillary Clinton’s efforts to paint Trump as ‘risky’ play right into his hands. May 2016

In the News

Fast Company, How to Get Teens to Give Up Junk Food: Tell Them They’re Victims of Corporate Manipulation. April 2019

The New Food Economy, Teen Rebels Reject Junk Food. April 2019

Slate, If You Want Your Teenage Kids to Eat Healthy, Try Reverse Psychology. October 2016

New York Times, 3 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Better. October 2016

Chicago Tonight, Social Justice Appeals May Influence Healthy Eating Among Teens. October 2016

Fox 5 New York, Rebellion could prompt teens to eat better. September 2016

New York Times, Can Teenage Defiance Be Manipulated for Good? September 2016

New York Times, In Iowa, Voting Science at Work. February 2016

Wall Street Journal, Why Children Need Chores. March 2015

NPR, To Get Help From a Little Kid, Ask the Right Way. April 2014

New York Times, Raising a Moral Child. April 2014

Washington PostAn Easy Trick to Reduce Cheating. November 2012

Scientific American, Get Out the Vote: A Certain Turn of Phrase Brings out People’s Best Civic Selves. January 2012

Wall Street Journal, Be Charitable Toward your Future Self. January 2012

AARP, Planning for Retirement and End-of-Life Care. January 2012

Psychology Today, Is the Secret to Change All in How You Phrase it? December 2011

CBC Radio, How Certain Words Motivate Us. July 2011



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