Application:  2021-2022 Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Program
BSD Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Please read the following information about the Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Program before submitting your application below.


Faculty at all ranks may apply, with preference given to Assistant and Associate Professors (Research Assistant and Research Associate Professors are not eligible). Faculty at the rank of full professor must include a rationale for how the funding will further their career development or enable the individual to develop new areas of focus.

Applicants must not have received a Faculty Diversity Career Advancement Grant within the last 12 months.


The third Friday of each month from August – May.

Track I: Professional Development – Up to $2,000

Supports activities that enhance career development, including external leadership training, creation of innovative programs or curriculum, or the development of a new research idea or partnership.  Travel to conferences will only be considered if the candidate is presenting at the conference and funds are not available through other means.

Track II: Research – Up to $5,000

Provides a means to advance research and scholarly activities with potential to lead to publication or applications further grant funding.  Research may be on any topic, not limited to diversity or health disparities.  Examples include expenses related to accessing and analyzing data, research assistance, and facilities or specialized equipment.  Faculty who are not from underrepresented backgrounds may apply for funding to support diversity –related research projects.

*If the proposed work requires IRB approval or exemption, provide documentation.

Funding Information

Funding Period:  Projects or research must be completed within 12 months of receiving funding.  Grant funds must be transferred to the appropriate department within 30 days of receiving the grant.

What we do not fund: Tuition, faculty salaries, recuperation of clinical revenue, implementation of clinical guidelines, equipment (including computers and clinical supplies), or activities that have occurred in the past.

If you are unclear whether your proposal falls within the guidelines, please email the BSD’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion for clarification at

Proposal and Budget (2 page limit)
  1. What are you requesting funds for?
  2. Timeframe: when will the activity or research occur?
  3. Describe how this funding will advance your scholarship or enhance your career development.
  4. For Track I – Professional Development proposals: What are your goals and objectives and how will you measure success?
  5. For Track II – Research proposals: Describe your hypothesis, specific aims and research approach.  This must be written for a lay audience as those outside your field will review the application.  Show precision, depth, readability, relatability, and why it is important.
    If you have previously sought funding for research in this area you may upload that grant application or proposal in the “supplemental materials” section of the online application.
  6. For conference presentations: include the link to the conference and confirmation of acceptance (candidates may apply if not yet accepted; funds are dispersed with proof of acceptance).
  7. Other sources of support secured, if applicable (departmental support, grant support, start-up funding, etc.)
Diversity Statement

With your application, please include a brief statement about your background or past experiences and how these contribute to diversity in the Biological Sciences Division.

Application Form

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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