NOTICE Resource Group
NOTICE is a resource group jointly established by UChicago Medicine, the Biological Sciences Division, and the Pritzker School of Medicine. We seek to elevate and amplify women of color for the purposes of increasing the number that advance into leadership positions. NOTICE facilitates mentorship and professional development opportunities, dialogue and safe spaces, as well as resources for members in an effort to cultivate internal talent within University of Chicago Medicine. Through these activities, NOTICE will increase the visibility of qualified internal candidates who are women of color for leadership positions across the organization. Contact BSD’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion for more information.

Our Mission

To provide professional and personal development, safe venues for culturally sensitive dialogue, and create robust community engagement programming to women of color to increase the number of women of color in leadership.

Our Values

Participation: A spirit of teamwork and sharing

Respect: A consideration and appreciation for others

Integrity: Honesty in our words and actions

Diversity: Honoring the power of different backgrounds and perspectives

Excellence: A commitment to do our best at all times

Our Committees

The Analytics Committee works to collect, interpret, and communicate relevant NOTICE data, which supports NOTICE objectives.

The Communications Committee designs, implements, and sustain communications that promotes and supports all NOTICE objectives.

Job Fair
Collaboratively with UC Community Stakeholders, the Job Fair Committee designs, implements, and supports the NOTICE sponsored campus-wide job fair.

Talent Development
The Talent Development Committee is responsible for professional and personal development opportunities that support NOTICE objectives.

In the Spotlight

Congratulations to Beneshia Patterson-Frazier for graduating with all levels of Associate’s Degrees as well as two Bachelor’s degrees. Beneshia will now start her nursing journey with Resurrection University in September.

Our Vision         

On a foundation of mutual respect, we will work together to build a beacon of fully engaged diverse leaders who leverage their unique attributes to galvanize innovation and problem-solving skills throughout operations.  Members will evolve into fully engage leaders, draped with PRIDE values. NOTICE leaders will identify emerging leaders and marshal the next generation of leaders throughout the organization as a conduit proficient in diversity, inclusion, and equity.

NOTICE Officers

Sally Walton, Executive Sponsor

Nordia Bryant, Institutional Business Partner

Angel Burgess, Founder

Rhonda Judkins, NOTICE, Administrative Co-Officer

LaTonya Macklin, NOTICE Interim Chair

Charitee Rummage, Founding Officer

Naquesha Stinson, NOTICE, Administrative Co-Officer