Out Faculty Directory Form

In celebration of the multiplicity of diversity in BSD, we would like to get a better sense of our Out Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and/or Queer faculty. We also welcome allies. This information is useful when we:

  • Receive requests from major Chicago publications who’d like to run stories or bios on clinicians/scientists who identity as LGBTQ+
  • Have inquiries from students who are searching for Out mentors

If you are an Out clinician or scientist and would like to be listed in a public LBGTQ+ faculty directory please complete this short survey. Participation is completely voluntary.

Whether you self-identify as LBGTQ+ or not, if you are interested in caring for LBGTQ+ patients please consider adding “LGBTQ Health” to your physician profile as an area of expertise by emailing web.team@uchospitals.edu.

Please contact DiversityOffice@bsd.uchicago.edu with questions.

OUT Faculty Form

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