BSD Working Group on Basic Science Faculty Diversity

If the basic biomedical sciences at the University of Chicago are to grow and flourish, we must recruit faculty and students from diverse backgrounds and create a welcoming environment that encourages the career advancement of all.  Increasing the breadth of our academic community will stimulate inquiry that is both rigorous and innovative.

To this end, the Office of Faculty Affairs, with the support of Dean Polonsky, has convened a faculty working group with the goal of developing understanding and practical guidance.  We encourage you to contribute to this effort by sending your ideas to or by contacting individual members of the working group (appended).  A report is planned for spring quarter of 2021. 

Ruth Anne Eatock, PhD and Jay Pinto, MD
Deans, BSD Office of Faculty Affairs


BSD Working Group on Faculty Diversity

Office of Faculty Affairs & Neurobiology

Ruth Anne Eatock

Medicine & Human Genetics

Yoav Gilad

Public Health Sciences

Diane Lauderdale

Human Genetics

John Novembre


Scott Oakes

Ecology and Evolution

Mercedes Pascual

Molecular and Cell Biology

Jon Staley