Committee on Faculty Award Nominations

Committee Purpose

The Committee for Faculty Award Nominations supports BSD faculty by bringing attention to their achievements.  Committee members from across the BSD collect information about external awards, identify appropriate nominees, and support the efforts of faculty nominators.  If you are aware of an award or nominee from within the BSD, please contact the committee co-chairs by email. 

Committee Members

Ruth Anne Eatock, Chair, PhD, Professor of Neurobiology and Dean of Faculty Affairs: 

  • Lev Becker, PhD,Ben May Department for Cancer
  • Arlene Chapman,MD, Professor, Medicine
  • Michael Coates PhD, Professor, Organismal Biology and Anatomy
  • Harriet de Wit PhD, Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Christian Hansel PhD, Professor, Neurobiology
  • Donald Hedeker, PhD, Professor, Public Health Sciences
  • Patrick La Riviere, PhD, Radiology
  • Connie Lee, PhD, Associate Dean for Basic Science, ex officio
  • Raphael Lee, MD, ScD, Professor, Surgery
  • Manyuan Long, PhD, Professor, Evolution and Ecology
  • Zhe-Xi Luo PhD, Professor, Organismal Biology & Anatomy
  • Peter Nagele MD, Professor, Anesthesia & Critical Care
  • Jayant Pinto, MD, Professor of Surgery and Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Shyam Prabhakaran, MD, Chair and Professor of Neurology
  • Samuel Sisodia,PhD, Neurobiology
  • Julian Solway, MD, Professor, Medicine
  • Francois Spitz,PhD, Human Genetics