Distinguished Educator and Mentor Award

Nominations have now closed.
The objective of this award is to create a formal mechanism for recognizing the highly talented members of our faculty for excellence in teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, house staff, clinical fellows and postdoctoral trainees. Nominations in any category or multiple categories are welcomed.  The nominator must specify whether the nominee should be honored for excellence in undergraduate, graduate, or clinical teaching; or more than one of these categories. Recognizing the importance and distinctiveness of basic science education and clinical education, there will be awards to honor excellence in each of these areas. Each faculty may nominate one junior and one senior faculty member in this category.
1 Junior Faculty Award (Instructors or Assistant Professsors)
1 Senior Faculty Award (Associate or Full Professors)


  • Candidate must be a current member of the employed (non-voluntary) faculty at the University of Chicago and hold their primary appointment in a BSD department
  • The educational achievements for which the candidate is to be considered must have taken place while the person was a faculty member at the University of Chicago
  • Current elected members of the Faculty Advisory Committee are ineligible; see list of members here

Nomination Submission Requirements:

  • 2 letters of nomination
    – Letter of nomination from a faculty member (250-500 words) describing why the person is being nominated
    – Nominating faculty member must solicit a second letter (250-500 words) of nomination from a student or trainee. Letters from Trainees who are no longer at the University of Chicago will be accepted as long as the letter speaks to training done at UChicago.
  • CV of the nominee


Award Winners

  • Shannon Martin, MD, Medicine
  • Rakesh Navuluri, MD, Radiology
  • Erin J. Adams, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2011 - 2018


  • Wei Wei Lee, MD, MPH, Medicine
  • Diane Lauderdale, PhD, Public Health Sciences


  • Lolita Alcocer Alkureishi, MD, Pediatrics
  • John Alverdy, MD, Surgery
  • Dorothy Hanck, PhD, Medicine


  • Adam Cifu, Medicine
  • William Meadow, Pediatrics
  • M. Eileen Dolan, Medicine


  • Keme Carter, Medicine
  • Kevin Roggin, Surgery
  • Phoebe Rice, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


  • Callum Ross, PhD, Organismal Biology and Anatomy
  • Mary Strek, MD, Medicine
  • Mark Siegler, MD, Medicine and Surgery


  • Lianne Kurina, PhD, Public Health Sciences
  • Peggy Mason, PhD, Neurobiology
  • Vineet Arora, MD, Medicine
  • Marshall Chin, MD, MPH, Medicine
  • Javad Hekmatpanah, MD, Surgery and Neurology


  • Jerome Klafta, MD, Anesthesiology and Critical Care
  • Michael LaBarbera, PhD, Organismal Biology and Anatomy


  • David Kovar, PhD, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
  • Michael Marcangelo, MD. Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Edwin “Chip” Ferguson, PhD, Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology
  • Joel Schwab, MD, Pediatrics