Dr. Jayant Pinto Appointed Dean of Faculty Affairs

Dr. Jayant M. Pinto, MD has been appointed to Dean for Faculty Affairs in the Biological Sciences Division effective June 1, 2020.

Dr. Pinto is a Professor in the Section of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery of the Department of Surgery.  He completed his MD at Stanford University and residency and fellowship training at the University of Chicago, joining our faculty in 2004.  Dr. Pinto’s clinical practice centers on endoscopic approaches to the upper airway, including inflammatory disease and anterior skull base tumors. His NIH-funded research investigates risk factors for olfactory and airway disorders in a multi-faceted program involving collaborations and approaches from multiple disciplines, including epidemiology, gerontology, environmental health, sociology, and genetics.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pinto has supported the University’s mission of advancing scholarship at all levels and across divisions.   A committed mentor, he has trained high school, undergraduate, graduate, medical students, and post-doctoral fellows from the Biological Sciences and other Divisions, as well as Otolaryngology residents and fellows.  Dr. Pinto’s interest in interdisciplinary and collaborative relationships also characterized his recent work as Co-Chair of the BSD Faculty Advisory Committee:  he helped to spearhead a new approach to communication across the Division, including more regular town hall meetings and other opportunities for bi-directional dialogue and problem-solving.

As Dean for Faculty Affairs, Dr. Pinto will focus his efforts on faculty development, mentorship, and wellness, in collaboration with fellow Dean for Faculty Affairs, Ruth Anne Eatock, PhD.   His goal is to create an environment that fosters excellence in all missions and allows faculty members to thrive.  Dr. Pinto will build on infrastructure pioneered by his immediate predecessor, Karen Kim, MD.  Karen was instrumental in establishing the Office of Faculty Affairs in 2014 and developing it to be an essential resource for faculty development and support across the division. We are fortunate that she will continue her faculty-driven approach to leadership here at the University of Chicago in her new role as Vice Provost for Research.