BSD Faculty Engagement Taskforce for Clinical Departments

Creating an environment that our physicians find supportive and that allows them to meet their professional goals, clinical duties, and academic aspirations is among the highest institutional priorities.  To this end, and at Dean Polonsky’s behest, the BSD Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) is leading a process to identify areas for improvement and make specific recommendations.  Thus, the OFA seeks input on how best to support the well-being and engagement of clinical faculty in the BSD. 

In partnership with the Medical Staff Office, we have convened a Faculty Engagement Taskforce (FACET) whose members have demonstrated experience and interest in this arena. The taskforce will build on prior efforts of many faculty, which were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The immediate goal is to generate a plan by spring quarter of 2021. 

The success of this effort will depend on timely and active input from the broader faculty. We urge you to send your ideas and concerns to the FACET co-chairs: Wei Wei Lee (Medicine), Alison Tothy (Pediatrics), or to Jay Pinto (Office of Faculty Affairs).  We also encourage you to contact your department’s FACET representative (listed below and attached document).

Jay Pinto, MD and Ruth Anne Eatock, PhD
Deans, BSD Office of Faculty Affairs


Faculty Engagement Taskforce (FACET)

Office of Faculty Affairs

Jay Pinto

Medicine (co-chair)

Wei Wei Lee

Pediatrics (co-chair)

Alison Tothy

Chief Medical Officer

Stephen Weber

Chief Ambulatory Med. Officer

Ken Nunes

President, Medical Staff Office

Mohammed Minhaj

Departmental representatives

Anesthesia/Critical Care

Allison Dalton

Family Medicine

Sonia Oyola


Neda Laiteerapong

Medicine, Past President MSO

Ted Naureckas


Christopher Kramer


Sandra Valaitis


Sarah Rodriguez


Lewis Shi


Chancey Christenson


H. Barrett Fromme


Royce Lee

Radiation Oncology




Aleksandrs Kalnins


Peter Angelos