2020 BSD Distinguished Faculty Awards

The Distinguished Faculty Award winners were selected from among many outstanding nominees across the award categories by the Faculty Advisory Committee. The Committee reviewed each nomination carefully and voted to honor these individuals for their records of accomplishment at the University of Chicago.

Distinguished Investigator Award


This award recognize shighly talented members of our faculty for research excellence.

Distinguished Clinician Award


This award recognizes highly talented members of our faculty for their clinical excellence.

Distinguished Leader in Diversity and Inclusion Award


This award honors faculty who have made outstanding contributions towards fostering a more diverse and inclusive community within the Biological Sciences Division.

Distinguished Leader in Program Innovation Award


This award recognizes recognize outstanding faculty leaders who have developed innovative programs that have improved the quality of the BSD and/or the Medical Center.

Distinguished Educator & Mentor Award


This award recognizes the highly talented members of our faculty for excellence in teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, house staff, clinical fellows and postdoctoral trainees.

Distinguished Community Service and Advocacy Award


This award recognizes faculty members who have enhanced the quality of life in the community by contributing their personal time, effort, resources and expertise and/or by leveraging institutional resources and collaborations for the
betterment of the community.

Francis Straus Mentorship Award


The award honors the memory of Dr. Francis H. Straus II, as a mentor of students, residents, and fellows during his many years as a member of our faculty in the department of Pathology.

Michael Reese Lectureship Award


The lectureship is underwritten by the Michael Reese Research and Education Foundation and recognizes outstanding faculty who have developed novel teaching, training techniques, bench or clinical research, or other topics relevant to advancing health or healthcare.

The Gold Key Award 


This award is presented by the Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association in recognition of outstanding and loyal service to the Biological Sciences Division and to the University of Chicago.

Faculty Physician Peer Role Model Award 


This award is presented by the Physician and Medical Student Professionalism Committee of the Pritzker School of Medicine in recognition of a clinician and physician faculty member who best exemplifies the qualities of medical professionalism.