Meaning and Purpose in Medicine

Meaning and Purpose in Medicine (MPM) aims to address the need to maintain a sense of meaning in the face of health care pressures that can cause moral distress. It does so by providing a forum where physicians can share experiences and collectively reflect on the moral and professional challenges they face in day to day practice. Invited speakers give short presentations that highlight the conditions and situations that give rise to moral distress or ethical uncertainty, discuss these and related cases with participants, and share strategies for resolving, mitigating, or circumventing the challenges posed. Through group discussion and engagement with speakers, participants will be encouraged to share perspectives on navigating morally complex situations, reflect on past successes and failures, and work through strategies to better navigate or cope with the challenges ahead.

A few MPM events are held from 12pm-1pm CT, while a few MPM events are held from 5pm-6pm with 30 minutes devoted to the guest presentation and 30 minutes devoted to group discussion. Events can be attended remotely or in person.* Lunch will be provided to in-person attendees. Physicians who attend can receive CME credit.

Meaning and Purpose in Medicine is co-sponsored by the Hyde Park Institute and the Office of Faculty Affairs, Biological Sciences Division.


Session 1

  • Speaker: Sandy Scott, FACHE, MPA; Sandy Scott Coaching Group
  • Time: Thursday, December 1st, 2022, 12pm-1pm CT
  • To attend virtually, register HERE.
  • To attend in-person (limited to 25), register HERE.*
  • Location: Room K160C, Comer Children’s Hospital

Session 2

  • Speaker: Abraham Nussbaum, MD, Chief Education Officer, Denver Health
  • Time: Thursday, January 5th, 2023, 5pm-6pm 
  • Location: Room K160C, Comer Children’s Hospital

Session 3

  • Speaker: Catherine Humikowski, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care), Northwestern
  • Time: Thursday, February 16th, 2023, 12pm-1pm CT
  • Location: Room K160C, Comer Children’s Hospital

*All in-person sessions are open to all invitees who are compliant with UChicago vaccination requirements and, because of ongoing health risks, particularly to the unvaccinated, participants are expected to adopt the risk mitigation measures (masking and social distancing, etc.) appropriate to their vaccination status as advised by public health officials or to their individual vulnerabilities as advised by a medical professional. Public convening may not be safe for all and carries a risk for contracting COVID-19, particularly for those unvaccinated. Participants will not know the vaccination status of others and should follow appropriate risk mitigation measures.