Michael Reese Lectureship

The nomination period has closed

Purpsose:  The Michael Reese Lectureship recognizes outstanding faculty who have developed novel teaching, training techniques, bench or clinical research, or other topics relevant to advancing health or healthcare.  The winner will be expected to deliver a public lecture and will receive a $2,500 honorarium.  University of Chicago faculty are eligible to nominate one faculty member in this category.  


  • Candidate must be a current member of the employed (non-voluntary) faculty at the University of Chicago and hold their primary appointment in a BSD department
  • The work for which the candidate is being nominated must have occurred while a faculty member at the University of Chicago
  • Current elected members of the Faculty Advisory Committee are ineligible; click here to see the list of members

Nomination Submission Requirements:

  • CV of the nominee
  • Letter of nomination (250-500 words) describing the nominee and her/his novel contributions. Describe what is innovative and important about the contribution, and how it advances health or healthcare.

Award Winners

  • Sarosh Rana, MD, MPH, Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Tara Henderson, MD, MPH, Pediatrics