BSD Excellence in Staff Awards

E4L Engage Award


This award recognizes an individual or team that exemplifies the core principles of E4 Leadership:

  • Equity as the foundation of E4 Leadership
  • Engage in improvement efforts
  • Evolve in understanding what works best to serve our customers
  • Excel in implementing this knowledge

These principles are used to create value and focus on customers and/or patients, respect for people, and continuous improvement. They must have implemented tools and methods and engaged staff in improvement efforts benefiting not only their own area but also the BSD.

  • Individual nominees must be current staff members* in the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) of the University of Chicago.
  • The achievements for which the individual is being nominated must have occurred while at the University of Chicago and in the relevant time period.
  • Current members of the Nomination Committee are ineligible.
  • Team nominees must consist of at least 50% full- or part-time staff members* in the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) at the time of the nomination and voting. The remaining 50% of the team can be any individuals affiliated with the nominated group.
Nomination Criteria:
  • Measurable outcome or impact on Department and/or BSD;
  • Demonstrated how equity efforts were instrumental in creating improvement;
  • Customer-Focused Approach – engaged customers (internal and/or external) to support the outcome, Included the Voice of the Customer;
  • Data-Driven – metrics were used to identify the opportunity and measure the effectiveness of the solution;
  • Cross-Functional / Collaborative – stakeholders from various functions participated in the effort, the collaboration resulted in the desired outcome;
  • Respect for People – individuals across all levels in the organization were engaged in problem-solving and solution identification; and/or,
  • Sustainment – Demonstrated sustained improvement after the conclusion of the event.
Nomination Submission Requirements:
  • A short summary (250-500 words) or video (3-5 minutes) stating the basis for the nomination.
  • For team nominations: Summary must include the list of the individual(s) who are being nominated. Please note which individuals are not part of the BSD and their affiliation.*

* A staff member is defined as someone who receives a W-2 from the university at the end of the year. 

Nomination Form (E4L Engage)
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