BSD Excellence in Staff Awards

Research Award


This award recognizes an individual or team whose role supports research efforts, is integral to research, pushes scientific boundaries, or makes an exciting discovery.  The contributions of those that we are seeking to acknowledge help advance the goals of the BSD and the University of Chicago. (e.g., pushed scientific boundaries; made an exciting discovery; displayed cutting edge thinking-new idea, novel concept.)

  • Individual nominees must be current staff members* in the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) of the University of Chicago.
  • The achievements for which the individual is being nominated must have occurred while at the University of Chicago and in the relevant time period.
  • Current members of the Award Nomination Committee are ineligible.
  • Team nominees must consist of at least 50% full or part-time staff members* in the Biological Sciences Division (BSD) at the time of the nomination and voting. The remaining 50% of the team can be any individuals affiliated with the nominated group.
Nomination Criteria:
  • Growth / Expansion / Initiative – direct involvement in a measurable impact on BSD research initiative, expansion, and/or growth;
  • Efficiency – achieved/created new approach to efficiency, conceptual or procedural, established/implemented efficiency principles;
  • Strategy – responsible for the development of a competitive and/or strategic benefit to an area or a group;
  • Creativity / Originality – displayed cutting edge thinking, developed new idea or novel concept, responsible for the originality of project, procedure, and/or goal;
  • Quality – responsible for the implementation of/or improvement of quality standards; and/or,
  • Obstacle / Burden Elimination – achieved goal or project successfully by overcoming significant obstacles/burden, responsible for eliminating roadblocks, difficulties, and/or complications.
Nomination Submission Requirements:
  • A short summary (250-500 words) or video (3-5 minutes) stating the basis for the nomination.
  • For team nominations: Summary must include the list of the individual(s) who are being nominated. Please note which individuals are not part of the BSD and their affiliation.*

* A staff member is defined as someone who receives a W-2 from the university at the end of the year. 

Nomination Form (Research)
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