A representative selection of recent graduate course-offerings relating to Buddhist studies includes the following courses taught in the last several years:

Indian Philosophy I: Origins and Orientations (Arnold)

Indian Philosophy II: The Classical Traditions (Venkatkrishnan)

Sources and Methods of Chinese Buddhist Studies (Copp)

Madhyamaka in India and China (Arnold and Ziporyn)

Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts (Copp)

Sources and Methods in the Study of Daoism (Copp)

The Foundation of Buddhist Thoughts (Dhammadipa Sak)

Ethnographies of Buddhism in Southeast Asia (John Holt)

Towards Ecumenical Buddhism (Dhammadipa Sak)

Readings in Madhyamaka (Arnold)

Buddhist/Muslim Conflicts in Southeast Asia (John Holt)

Buddhist Scholasticism and Its Practical Path Structures (Dhammadipa Sak)

Comparative Reading Pāli and Chinese Buddhist Texts (Dhammadipa Sak)

Buddhism in Early Theravada Literature (John Holt)

Pure Land Buddhism (Ziporyn)

Buddha Then and Now: Transformations from Amaravati to Anuradhapura (Padma Holt)

Polemic, Betrayal and Dung Beetles in the Pure Land: Zhili, Renyue and the Miaozongchao Controversies (Ziporyn)

Being Buddhist in Southeast Asia (John Holt)