wu_largeWu Hung

Director, Center for the Art of East Asia, Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations and the College

ktsiangKatherine Tsiang

Associate Director, Center for the Art of East Asia

wclin_1Wei-Cheng Lin

Steering Committee, Center for the Art of East Asia, Associate Professor of Art History and the College

foxwell_large_1Chelsea Foxwell

Steering Committee, Center for the Art of East Asia, Assistant Professor of Art History and the College

Christine Mehring

Steering Committee, Center for the Art of East Asia, Department Chair and Professor of Art History and the Collegea

Affiliate Advisory Faculty


copp-2013-croppedPaul Copp

Associate Professor in Chinese Religion and Thought, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

1Judith B. Farquhar

Max Palevsky Professor Emerita of Anthropology, Faculty Director Beijing Center University of Chicago

donaldharperDonald Harper

Centennial Professor of Chinese Studies

hevia_pic4James Hevia

Professor of the College, the New Collegiate Division, and International History; Director, Global Studies Program

paolaiovenePaola Iovene

Associate Professor in Chinese Literature, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

jamesketelaarJames Ketelaar

Professor in History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations

li-yung-tiYung-ti Li

Associate Professor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations

zeitlin20142Judith Zeitlin

Professor Chinese Literature, Drama, and Cultural History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations



anne-feng-for-bio-website_0Alice Casalini


Yoon-Jee Choi


anne-feng-for-bio-website_0Minori Egashira


Li Jiang


nancyplin_headshot_150x200Nancy P. Lin


yunfei-shaoYunfei Shao


Le Lucien Sun


yunfei-shaoSylvia Wu


blankphoto-100x133Yin Wu


tingting_uc_webpageTingting Xu


img_8515_0-1Zhiyan Yang


Sizhao Yi


dongshan-2-optj69Dongshan Zhang


xi-zhangXi Zhang


meng_zhao-2Meng Zhao


zhou_photo_0Zhenru Zhou


zhou_photo_0Yifan Zou


degrees awarded by the Department of Art History

Sandy Lin

Eleanor S. Hyun
Naixi Feng

Shuimu Scholar, Postdoctoral Fellow at School of Humanities, Tsinghua University
Ph.D (EALC) 2019, “City on Edge: Inhabiting Literary Beijing on the Eve of the Manchu Conquest”

Anne Feng

History of Art and Architecture Department, Boston University
Ph.D. 2018, “Water, Ice, Lapis Lazuli: The Metamorphosis of Pure Land Art in Tang China”

Jie Shi

History of Art Department, Bryn Mawr College
Ph.D. 2017, “The Mancheng Tombs: Shaping the Afterlife of the ‘Kingdom within the Mountains’ in Western Han China (206BCE- 8CE)”

Jin Xu

Art Department, Vassar College
Ph.D 2017, “Engraving Identities in Stone: Stone Mortuary Equipment of the Northern Dynasties (386-581 CE)”

Quincy Ngan

Yale University
Ph.D. 2016, “Power of Pigments: The Functions and Meanings of Blue-and-Green Landscape Painting in China”

Nancy Lin

Art History Department, Lawrence College
Ph.D 2015, “Representing Difference: Early 20th Century Japanese and Korean Art”

Stephanie Su

University of Colorado Boulder
Ph.D 2015, “Imagining China: Early Twentieth Century Chinese and Japanese Art”

Irene Backus

Department of Art, Oklahoma State University
Ph.D 2014, “Asia Materialized: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence”

Kris Ercums

Curator, Global Contemporary and Asian Art, Spenser Museum of Art, University of Kansas
Ph.D 2013, “Exhibiting Modernity: National Art Exhibitions in China during the Early Republican Period, 1911–1937”

Seunghye Lee

Curator, Lecum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
Ph.D 2013, “Arts of Enshrining: The Making of Relics and Bodies in Chinese and Korean Buddhist Art from the 10th to the 14th Centuries”

Mia Yinxing Liu

California College of the Arts
Ph.D 2013, “The Literati Lenses: Wenren Landscape in Chinese Cinema”

Sun-ah Choi

Department of Art History, Myongji University
Ph.D 2012, “Quest for the True Visage: Sacred Images in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Art and the Concept of Zhen”

Catherine Stuer

Department of Art History and Visual Culture, Denison University
Ph.D 2012, “Dimensions of Place: Map, Itinerary, and Trace in Images of Nanjing”

Yuhang Li

Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ph.D 2011, “Gendered Materialization: An Investigation of Late Imperial Chinese Women’s Artistic and Literary Reproductions of Guanyin”

Julia Orell

Department of Art History, University of British Columbia
Ph.D 2011, “Picturing the Yangzi River: Particular Landscapes in Song and Yuan China”

Christina Yu Yu

Matsutaro Shoriki Chair, Art of Asia, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Ph.D 2011, “Building a Community through Painting: Fourteenth-Century Chinese Scholars”

Peggy Wang

Department of Art History, Bowdoin College
Ph.D 2010, “Responding to the World: Contemporary Chinese Art and the Global Exhibitionary Culture in the 1990s”

Jeehee Hong

Greta Chambers Chair in East Asian Art History, McGill University
Ph.D 2008, “Theatricalizing Death in Performance Images of Med-imperial China”

Karl Debreczeny

Curator, Rubin Museum of Art, New York, New York
Ph.D 2007, “Ethnicity and Esoteric Power: Negotiating Sino-Tibetan Synthesis in Ming Painting”

Delin Lai

Department of Fine Arts, University of Louisville, Kentucky
Ph.D 2007, “Chinese Modern: Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum as a Crucible for Defining Modern Chinese Architecture”

Yudong Wang

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, China
Ph.D 2007, “‘Figures en Buste’ in Medieval China: Three Studies”

Yun-chiahn Chen Sena

Department of Fine Arts, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut
Ph.D 2006, “Antiquity to Antiquarianism: Chinese Discourses on Antiquity from the Tenth to Thirteenth Century”

Joy Beckman

Director, Wright Museum of Art, Beloit College
Ph.D 2006, “Layers of Being: Bodies, Objects, and Spaces in Warring States Burials”

Wei-cheng Lin

Department of Art History, University of Chicago
Ph.D 2006, “Building a Sacred Mountain: Monastic Architecture in Mt. Wutai during the Tang Dynasty, 618-907 C.E.”

Winston Kyan

University of Utah
Ph.D 2005, “The Body and the Family: Filial Piety and Buddhist Art in Medieval China”

Matthew Philip Canepa

Department of Art History, University of Minnesota
Ph.D 2004, “Exchange between Late Antique/Early Medieval Mediterranean and Near East with Central Asia, focusing especially on the Uighur Kingdom of Kotcho and the Yuan”

Sonya Lee

Department of Art History, University of Southern California
Ph.D 2004, “Medieval Period (5th-9th centuries), Buddhist art along the Ancient Silk Road”

Kate Lingley

Department of Art and Art History, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Ph.D 2004, “Widows, Monks, Magistrates, and Concubines: Social Dimensions of Sixth-Century Buddhist Art Patronage”

Bonnie Cheng

Department of Art, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio
Ph.D 2003, “Fabricating Life Out of Death: Sixth Century Funerary Monuments and the Negotiation of Cultural Traditions”