Thank you for your interest in our new Master’s program in Computational and Applied Mathematics and the University of Chicago!

Our mission is to provide students with a solid foundation in modern computational and applied mathematics. You will graduate from our program prepared to pursue a PhD in CAM or other math-intensive applied sciences, or to pursue a professional career in an area where mathematical expertise is paramount such as data analysis, scientific computing, imaging, and many of today’s engineering fields.

Our coursework provides the pillars of computational and applied mathematics such as physics-based modeling, data-based modeling, and scientific computing. Through the interdisciplinary research interests of our Committee on CAM (CCAM) faculty, students will be exposed to a variety of applications for the theoretical skills they will acquire.

Students will collaborate with master’s and PhD graduate students from CCAM and other programs and are fully integrated in the rich and distinguished academic activities of CCAM, including our research seminars and colloquia.

In-depth knowledge of the mathematical language that permeates essentially all current scientific areas is critical to success in many professional and academic careers. The University of Chicago, with its unparalleled and rigorous academic environment, is an ideal place to learn such skills. We hope that you will consider our graduate program and look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Leadership and Staff

Program Director
Guillaume Bal
Professor in the Statistics and Mathematics Departments

Assistant Director, MCAM
Eric Baer
Senior Lecturer in the Statistics Department

Student Affairs Administrator
Zellencia Harris


Office: 773.834.2655



Master’s in Computational and Applied Mathematics
Committee on Computational and Applied Mathematics
George Herbert Jones Laboratory
5747 S. Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637