Why are you here and not somewhere else?

A really thoughtful reflection by one of my ITS colleagues. I have always believed that when multiple members of the organization write, it raises the collective intelligence of the whole group. We are a team made up of people who have such a diversity of thoughts, experiences, and insights. When we share our work as a group it amplifies the messages we are trying to communicate to the campus.

Maybe many of us just feel like a cog in the wheel, feeling siloed, and disconnected from any larger purpose – well, yeah, that is kind of depressing. And it begs the question, why are you here and not somewhere else?

Source: Why are you here and not somewhere else? | A Collection of Notes and Thoughts

Suneetha Vaitheswaran Appointed Executive Director of Business Information Systems

suneethaAlthough in my March “Update on ITS” email, I wrote to you recognizing Suneetha Vaitheswaran’s talents and my decision to ask her to report to me and become part of the ITS senior leadership group (SLG), I’d like to take this opportunity to formally recognize her contributions. Suneetha has accepted the role of Executive Director of Business Information Systems within IT Services. While the role is fundamentally similar, this change in title and reporting to the SLG salute her strategic contributions and the institution-wide impact of her team’s work.

From the point of my arrival, Suneetha has impressed me with her consistently thoughtful engagement in key campus and business initiatives. Because I strongly believe that analytics are strategically important in making appropriate and effective decisions, the work of her team is of the utmost value to the institution’s senior leaders. Through her actions I have recognized how the professionalism and performance of her team serve us all through providing essential business data analytics and services.

I’ve observed Suneetha’s engagement with her team, noting especially the interest she shows in each individual. She was equally engaged as a member of the OLG. These important things I wish to recognize and reinforce by her migration to the SLG; the engagement and perspective she brings to the SLG have already moved us forward. Surely, my repetition of the phrase, her team, isn’t lost on you. I’m confident you natively recognize how, for ITS to do productive work, we must be engaged. Like Suneetha and her group, that means working well together within and across our units and fully acting as part of a whole.

You can review the responsibilities Suneetha holds with this role and the path she’s taken to this point in our ITS About Us pages, at https://itservices.uchicago.edu/page/suneetha-vaitheswaran-executive-director-business-information-systems, where you will see such terms as “establish and deliver on a cohesive strategy” and “deliver self-service access to analytic applications and ad-hoc reporting functionality.”

These tie directly to what Suneetha brings to the job from other realms of her life. When Suneetha performed for us at the Holiday party (shout to Oren Sreebny), I was blown away by her versatility and mentioned it to Barry Johnson. Barry told me that Stan Kenton described jazz as a mindset. “A session in jazz is comparable to an open forum where theories and opinions are discussed openly and freely … Speeches with words of various inflections and insinuations are replaced with a flow of melodic, rhythmic music.” We agreed that Suneetha brings that mindset through the metaphor of jazz – that wonderfully expansive and inventive way of thinking about that which otherwise seems ordinary – to her work.

I’ll close with one final highlight which points to her focus on serving broader communities: Suneetha was a founding member of the Higher Education Data Warehousing group, a body of more than 1500 DW professionals from more than 500 institutions across the US and abroad.

Please take a bit of time to introduce yourself and riff with her on the various opportunities that lie within IT Services. You’ll be engaged.

Cubs Day

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to attend a Cubs home game against the Brewers. What made it extra special was that it was an outing with a bunch of people from the UChicago ITS team. A colleague of mine had purchased a block of nose bleed seats that were to be used as part of a CIC meeting. Too bad for him that the original game got rained out so we were “stuck” with a group of tickets. We decided we would raffle them off to people in ITS.


What I was struck by, other than the beauty of Wrigley and the Cubs outstanding play, was just how much fun we all had. It was nice getting to sit together as a group and laugh and talk for a few hours. In a lot of ways it was like an extended Coffee with Cole. I got to know some of our staff better than I would have otherwise and made some really meaningful connections. I honestly think those who could make it were extremely appreciative. It has me thinking that we should do this as an entire group next year if we can pull it off.

Marcus P. Robinson named Executive Director for Engagement, Alignment and Strategy

Marcus P. Robinson, an accomplished IT leader, has been named Executive Director for Engagement, Alignment and Strategy for the University of Chicago’s Office of the Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Since 2009, Robinson has served as Communications Director and Senior Advisor for the Vice Provost for Information Technology at The Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State Robinson championed and supported a broad portfolio of community building, engagement, organizational change, staff development and communication efforts. Prior to joining Penn State, Robinson spent eleven years at the University of Dayton, where he conceived and led numerous strategic projects involving web and emerging technologies for academic and administrative areas throughout the university.

Cole W. Camplese, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer notes, “We are so excited to have Marcus join the IT Services team. He brings with him a diversity of skills that will help us advance our goal of providing world class support and services to the University community. I will be looking to Marcus to immediately offer insight into how we continue to grow campus-wide engagement strategies and to take a lead role in bringing all of IT at UChicago closer together.”

At UChicago, Robinson will provide vision and leadership for a wide range of community engagement and communication efforts, establish and guide IT governance activities — including the formation of an IT-wide leadership council — and facilitate strategic partnerships that strengthen the ability of the CIO’s office and the overall IT enterprise to serve the University and its mission.

“I’m thrilled to join such a strong, dedicated team, and to have the opportunity to contribute to the thriving academic community at the University of Chicago,” Robinson said. “The UChicago IT enterprise is taking significant and important steps to strengthen its ability to support the University — I am excited to help enable that good work.”

Robinson’s appointment is effective Oct. 3.

Bill Stauffer appointed as Executive Director of Enterprise Applications and Systems Operations

It is with a gratitude that I introduce the already familiar Bill Stauffer as the new Executive Director of Enterprise Applications and Systems Operations within IT Services, a role he’s been handling with grace since Byron Nash departed just over a year ago.

This is a particularly mission-critical and visible role, where Bill oversees many of the administrative applications and systems used within the University. Among these are Student Systems, Research Administration, Alumni Development, Financial Services, and Facilities Services.

A key ITS initiative is providing data center services to the research community. In that, and in significant support of other partners, Bill oversees our Data Center Services, Database Administration, Data Center Facilities Management, and PeopleSoft Hosting for IT Services.

Since arriving at the University three years ago, Bill’s talents have been consistently recognized, seen first through his seamless transition into the role of Director of Enterprise Applications and Systems Operations in August, 2013, taking on responsibilities from both Bob Zuehlke and Fernando Martinez, and highlighted by his stepping up to the interim Executive Director role after Byron’s departure in June, 2015.

Bill draws upon skills gained from broad experience across enterprise and educational realms. Bill graduated from Case Western Reserve University and began his career in the consulting division of Arthur Andersen & Company. Prior to joining IT Services, Bill worked for the University of Illinois where he was responsible for IT infrastructure for the Administrative IT Services organization, and he led IT functions for the School and Library Group as Senior Vice President of IT for Follett Corporation.

Please welcome Bill to this role which aptly recognizes his excellent contributions to the University.