Core Values




We are an organization built on the power of creative thought.

Even the greatest technologies began as simple – and, sometimes, crazy – ideas. As innovators, we see room for improvement in all corners of IT Services. Our expertise and experience puts us in a unique position to see a new way forward, and we recognize it’s up to every one of us, at every level of the organization, to lead the way.




We are committed to meaningful, honest, and rigorous communication with our partners and our peers.

As individuals, we have a unique point of view; but we constantly strive to understand the way others see things. Through active listening and engagement, we connect with those around us. Though it may be difficult to understand or be understood on the first try, we keep trying. When we push forward, and clear away misunderstandings, everyone around us benefits.




We believe our expertise is most valuable when we work as a team to implement solutions.

As experts, we all bring value to our organization. Our ability to collaborate effectively with others has a positive impact on the quality of the work we do. By acknowledging our strengths, expressing our thoughts objectively, and respecting the expertise of others, we are all stronger.




We empower one another through open dialogue, compassion, and trust.

As an organization of peers, we are in control of our work environment, projects, and careers. We accept the responsibility to talk openly about things that don’t seem right, with both our clients and our colleagues. We recognize that individuals at all levels have a right to shape their future, and to talk about problems, opportunities, and risks at work, in order to maintain the health of our organization.




We take responsibility for both our successes and our failures.

No one likes to fail, but when we do, we are committed to owning our mistakes, at all levels of the organization. When bad things happen, we behave in a forthright and decent manner. When we succeed, we celebrate as a team. We take ownership of the good and the bad, and so do the people we work for.