February 5 2016

Yesterday evening we enjoyed participating in the weekly Hyde Park ‘Cafe Society’ dinner and conversation. There was a nominal topic of ‘metaphysics’, but we didn’t get around to it yet, maybe there will be a bit of discussion on that topic next week.  (Almost) every Thursday evening at 6 pm a small group gets together at Valois restaurant (1518 East 53rd Street here in Chicago) for an hour of dinner and conversation. All are welcome. Valois is more like a cafeteria, actually, and the prices are very reasonable. We are usually at a table for 6 to 8 located toward the front of the restaurant and fairly near the door.

Today I dropped by University Church (57th Street and University Avenue) to donate to their monthly rummage sale and also check it out. And purchased some wonderful chocolate cake at the bakery that is now located in University Church.

A thought for your consideration:  What is it about our culture that makes peace seem so unattainable?

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Caroline Herzenberg

I'm an old grad from the University of Chicago. Born in New Jersey in 1932 (Wow! That long ago!), grew up in Oklahoma, undergraduate at MIT, University of Chicago PhD physics 1958. Various academic and research positions. I've been retired from Argonne National Laboratory for over a decade now. I haven't been engaged in any recent professional work in physics, but have been exploring other interests during retirement.

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