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CHAS eNews: January 2019
POLICY BRIEFS: Patient Experience of Chronic Illness Care and Medical Home Transformation in Safety Net Clinics; A Longitudinal Examination of Factors Associated With Network Bridging Among YMSM: Implications for HIV Prevention; Association of Mental (More)
CHAS eNews: December 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Do Benefits Restrictions Limit Medicaid Acceptance in Addiction Treatment? Results From a National Study; A Life Course Perspective of Victimization, Child Welfare Involvement, Cumulative Stress and Mental Health for Mothers on Probati (More)
CHAS eNews: November 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: The Effect of Medicaid on Management of Depression: Evidence From the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment; Health Insurance Coverage and Routine Health Care Use Among Children By Family Immigration Status; Pathways Forward for Embracing (More)
CHAS eNews: October 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Neighborhood Concentrated Disadvantage and Dating Violence Among Urban Adolescents: the Mediating Role of Neighborhood Social Processes; Exposure to Community Violence and Sexual Behaviors Among African American Youth: Testing Multiple (More)
DISABILITY  STUDIES WORKSHOP Fall 2018 We are pleased to  announce that we have extended the deadline for proposal submissions for the Fall Quarter to 3rd October 2018. . We would be excited to hear back from you! Please indicate in your submissio (More)
Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative
Supported by the College, the Language Pedagogy Innovation Initiative is spurring innovation in language teaching through language assessment literacy, proficiency-based testing, and reverse design. Instructors first attend workshops on language asse (More)
Renovations to Cobb Classrooms
[et (More)
CHAS eNews: September 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Exploring Transgender Legal Name Change as a Potential Structural Intervention for Mitigating Social Determinants of Health Among Transgender Women of Color; Medicaid Eligibility Expansions May Address Gaps In Access To Diabetes Medica (More)
CHAS Receives New Grant For Paris Conference
CHAS has received new funding from the University of Chicago Center in Paris Faculty Steering Committee to co-host a 2018 conference to focus on public insura (More)
CHAS eNews: August 2018
POLICY BRIEFS: Placing Assimilation Theory: Mexican Immigrants in Urban and Rural America; A Network Intervention to Locate Newly HIV Infected Persons Within MSM Networks in Chicago; Medicaid Benefits for Addiction Treatment Expanded After Implementa (More)
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