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How Should You Choose between Canvas Discussion Boards and a Course Blog?
Canvas Discussion Boards and course blogs have similar functions–they offer a space for students to post a short piece of writing or multimedia for fellow students to provide feedback.  In addition to being a good venue for write-to-learn exercises, (More)
Home Pages in Canvas
When students go to the Canvas site for your course, the first thing they see is the Home Page. Choosing the right Home Page can make your Canvas site more useful for your students by directing them to the materials or information that they most need (More)
Manually Adding People and Course Roles in Canvas
Note: This post was updated 7/26/2019 to reflect changes in roles that are available when manually adding users. Introduction Canvas offers a great deal of flexibility in the roles it provides for students and instructors. The permissions attached (More)
Canvas Student View as a Tool for Faculty
  "How do I know my students can see this?" Often faculty spend large amounts of time and energy designing their courses but aren't sure how it will look from the student perspective. We frequently hear questions such as: “Will my students be (More)
Course-to-Course Copying in Canvas: A Quick Guide
  When you're setting up a new Canvas course site, you may want to reuse material from one or more courses you've already taught in Canvas.  Fortunately, Canvas makes it easy to copy content from one course site to another, whether you want t (More)
Customizing Your Canvas Dashboard
“How do I get rid of old courses and see new courses?” As new quarters begin, we often want to clean up our Canvas sites and move old courses. Obviously we don’t want to scroll through pages and pages of old courses just to find one course. Fortunat (More)
Tips for Quickly Building Your Course Site
Constructing a new course site and organizing your course materials can be a time-consuming process -- but it doesn't have to be.  Canvas offers tools that can streamline the process, cutting down substantially on the time and effort needed to set up (More)
Customizing Your Canvas Course Navigation Menu
The Canvas Course Navigation Menu: A Brief Introduction For both you and your students, the course navigation menu is your means of finding your way around your Canvas course site.  However, the menu may not look the same for you and your students. (More)
How to Disable Kaltura My Media and Media Gallery Navigation Links
The University of Chicago has chosen Panopto as its new video management platform, replacing the previous platform, Kaltura.  The University’s license with Kaltura expires December 31, 2019, and (More)
Scheduling Office Hours in Canvas: An Introduction
Canvas allows instructors to schedule blocks of time for office hours within your Canvas Calendar.  When you create an Appointment Group (Canvas' term for a block of time designated on the Calendar for appointments), your students can then sign up th (More)
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