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Prepare for the Transition to Canvas' New Gradebook
Canvas’ New Gradebook is on its way!  The New Gradebook will become the default for all courses in late December, a few weeks before the current Gradebook will be officially retired by Canvas. The New Gradebook provides improved filtering function (More)
Grade Posting Policies in the New Gradebook: An Overview
Introduction Canvas’ New Gradebook now includes a grade posting policy option, which replaces the previous assignment muting/unmuting functionality.  The grade posting policy controls whether grades and comments entered by the instructor on student (More)
Manually Adding People and Course Roles in Canvas
Note: This post was updated 7/26/2019 to reflect changes in roles that are available when manually adding users. Introduction Canvas offers a great deal of flexibility in the roles it provides for students and instructors. The permissions attached (More)
First Day of Class: Leverage Canvas Quizzes to Gain Active Learning Class Time
Photo by Plush Design Studio on More)
Customizing Your Canvas Dashboard
“How do I get rid of old courses and see new courses?” As new quarters begin, we often want to clean up our Canvas sites and move old courses. Obviously we don’t want to scroll through pages and pages of old courses just to find one course. Fortunat (More)
Canvas Highlights, June 2019
In this blog post, we highlight important upcoming and recent changes to Canvas announced within the past month. IE 11 No Longer Supported on August 3 Updates to "Message Students Who" Function in New Gr (More)
Student Activity in Canvas: Getting an Accurate Picture
There are certain circumstances in which you may wish to examine student activity within your Canvas course site.  For example, you may wish to see whether students are reading an important content page you added to a module. Alternatively, you may s (More)
Canvas Highlights, May 2019
In this blog post, we highlight important changes to Canvas that have occurred within the past month. Preferred Names Now Used Throughout Canvas Canvas Conferences Now Uses HTML5 More)
Canvas' New Gradebook: Features and Tips
  Note: This post was updated May 1, 2019, to reflect changes in the New Gradebook. Canvas' New Gradebook is now available for instructors to enable on a course-by-course basis.  You can enable the New Gradebook for a course you are teaching b (More)
Introducing the New Gradebook
Note: This post was updated on April 22, 2019 to reflect updates to the New Gradebook. Starting January 6, 2018, faculty and instructors can opt-in to use Canvas’ New Gradebook. The new gradebook offers a number of enhanced features, improved access (More)
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